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    Lightbulb Ps3 Proxy 2.53 idea

    ok guys im not sure if this matters at all but doing the ps3 proxy on 2.53, i changed the hex in the file so that it had the same id as the pixel junk eden demo, but i still got an error, but a different one.

    The error was "80029564" and i looked it up and it is caused by downloading in the backround, so we might still be able to put full games in our ps3 if some1 can find out how to do the proxy without downloading in the backround.

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    SCE_NP_DRM_INSTALL_ERROR_CHECK 0x80029564 Invalid package
    - Package files are corrupted
    - Package requirements are not fulfilled

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    i can only think of 1 way to fix it. fill up the hex so its the same size as the demo but i wouldnt want a 1megabyte file to be 100mb. ill try a bit later.

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    I've always wondered if you could make a SPOOF PSN on a private server, and somehow use the lacked security for PSN login through that server.....


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