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Thread: PS3 Precompiled Toolchain for Win32 (01-24-2010) is Available

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    NZHawk Guest
    Woot, I did it. I deleted everything, reinstalled it and edited a few files.

    Run Through:

    1. Ran the [COLOR="green"]C:/ps3dev/ps3dev.bat[/COLOR] and went to [COLOR="green"]C:/ps3dev/msys/1.0/[/COLOR] and ran the msys.bat
    2. in the command window, I used the command
    cd C:\ps3dev\ps3sdk\samples\template\elf_template
    3. Error! It could not find the main build.mak file, we'll fix that. ([COLOR="red"]keep the MINGW32 cmd-like window open![/COLOR])

    4. Open the Makefile located in "C:\ps3dev\ps3sdk\samples\template\elf_templat e\" and change
    include $(PS3SDK)/build.mak
    include C:/ps3dev/ps3sdk/build.mak
    and then save it.

    5. On the MINGW32 cmd-like window, use the command: (the mingw32 still should be in the directory of "C:\ps3dev\ps3sdk\samples\template\elf_templat e", If not, use the CD command to get it there..)
    6. O.o New error, This time, It cant find the ppu binaries it needs (which are located in the "C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin" folder.

    7. ([COLOR="red"]again, keep the MINGW32 windows open[/COLOR]) To Fix this, open up "C:\ps3dev\ps3sdk\build.mak" in notepad/wordpad and we need to edit:
    CC       = ppu-gcc
    CXX      = ppu-g++
    AS       = ppu-gcc
    LD       = ppu-gcc
    AR       = ppu-ar
    RANLIB   = ppu-ranlib
    STRIP    = ppu-strip
    to read:
    CC       = C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin\ppu-gcc
    CXX      = C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin\ppu-g++
    AS       = C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin\ppu-gcc
    LD       = C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin\ppu-gcc
    AR       = C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin\ppu-ar
    RANLIB   = C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin\ppu-ranlib
    STRIP    = C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin\ppu-strip
    8. Finally, we need to go back to the MINGW32 window, and run the MAKE command again.
    This time, it succeeds and creates the .elf we were looking for. We can now run this using mcload or convert it into a .bld (which i'm looking into now! Will post up how to do it)

    Hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NZHawk View Post
    Hope this helps!
    Thanks for sharing the solution with others here, and +Rep NZHawk!

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    NZHawk Guest
    I managed to convert the sample into a .bld and succesfully compile/convert and run it! Photo below.

    I found the whole process to be complicated and I might be able to create an easier workflow sometime, and reorganise it all. (Just so its easier for beginners and that)

    As I said I figured it all out, and created a MUCH easier way (Automated) to convert the compiled .ELF to a .BLD, I call it elf2bld

    Just place your elf in the same folder as the batch file ([COLOR="red"]Be Sure to rename to convert.elf[/COLOR]) and run the batch file. Simple.

    Now to try change the background from pink.. I have no idea why its pink lol, Shoudnt it be black?
    Also to mess with C for the first time haha.

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    ifcaro Guest
    @NZHawk: I don't use msys.bat I run make from cmd window and have no problem.

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