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    Contributor weaana's Avatar
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    Your idea seems interesting and promising, couple of questions though.

    should we edit the pkg.h file or the pkg header? pkgview or unpkg to use for this? have you succeeded with this method?

    thanks and keep them coming.

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    Thanks for the hard work so far. It is programs like this that will really help to shape the future of homebrew and developing on the PS3. I like how so many tools have come out in such a short amount of time.

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    Cute little trick I did last night, involves downloading the GookTV debug pkg from the debug links.

    Extract it, fire up the PS3FTP, and copy the NPHA800082 folder in /dev_hhd0/game/

    Make sure does NOT have the second folder with the same name, because the FTP does NOT support CUT + PASTE lol.

    Anyways, after that's done, you'll see a "TV" icon on your xmb, jailbreak or not.

    enjoy :]

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    Arrow PS3 PKGView v1.0 Extractor Homebrew Application is Updated

    Following up on the previous releases, today I have updated the PS3 PKGView Extractor homebrew application for PC to version 1.0 followed by version 1.1 and version 1.1b which include bug fixes.

    Download: PS3 PKGView v1.0 Extractor / PS3 PKGView v1.1 Extractor / PS3 PKGView v1.1b Extractor

    PkgView is a tool for extracting files from PS3 pkg. Tool is 100% legal it contains no Sony code. PkgView also has a graphical interface that simplifies the extraction of both individual files and the complete package.

    PkgView Changelog:

    Version 1.1b

    Version 1.1
    • FIX: Fails to extract big files

    Version 1.0
    • FIX: PARAM.SFO not appear.
    • FIX: Empty folders not appear.
    • Added support for retail pkg (thanks to the implementation of Mathieulh).
    • Now accepts pkg passed as parameter.
    • Added support for drag-Pkg to the application.
    • Added option to extract the source folder
    • Added extension association .Pkg
    • Added option Extract here in the context menu of Windows.

    BETA 2
    • FIX: Duplicate Folders and files out
    • FIX: Check if the pkg is debug
    • Added extraction of folders
    • Improved extraction algorithm

    BETA 1
    • first version

    PS3 PKGView v1.0 Extractor Homebrew Application is Updated

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Thanks for the update ifcaro, I have promoted it to the main page now and +Rep!

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    Cool tool ifcaro, will definitely try it out, also unzipping *.PKG's just take a few seconds on my system.

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    you must have a pretty dope computer oversoldier my friend.. and thanks ifcaro for the update mate.. and to boss for main paging it so i can see it.. i really don't do jb anymore i'm only psn man now but when i get back to jb i will love this tool.. cheers

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    I'm glad you've added support for retail .PKG files ifcaro. I wish I had seen this earlier so I wouldn't have to install a retail .PKG file on my PS3, open up a file manager, copy it to my USB and then put it on my computer.

    +Rep man.

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    couldn't extract "lara croft and the guardian of light" demo which is about 2.30GB (ID = UP0082-NPUB30225_00-LARACROFTGOL0000) there's no tool capable of fully extracting this game.
    Last edited by HieiYYH; 11-20-2011 at 02:31 AM

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    This is great

    thanks for sharing it ifcaro and i'm waiting your next update


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