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Thread: PS3 PKG Tool v0.5 is Now Released!

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    Sweetaction Guest
    this could be a novice question, but where can i get the pkg files to be able to open them up? I've been looking everywhere for a couple dynamic themes and couldnt find them.

    Does this let me make my own pkg?

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    nicotine Guest
    the ps3 scene is kicking major butt so fast... good work!

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    onewhoshanks Guest
    damn this is a MUCH needed application awesome work!!!

    new homebrew will come out extremely quickly now..

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    F1R3WALL Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TekkenlordMex View Post
    And then, why would we want this if we got the originals that do the same in the first place?
    This is basically a self installing package that easily setups the environment for homebrew packages. I don't think we will be able to decrypt retail packages for quite some time if ever.

    Note you may want to be a little more respectful to the creator, as they did spend the time to make this for the community.

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    TekkenlordMex Guest
    The question was what it is good for if others applications that does the same thing came before, and when you say you don't think we will be able to decrypt retail .pkg's you speak because your a scener or something? and because you are actually working in a decrypter?

    Besides i didn't knew asking a fair and square question was being rude to the creator.

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    Guys please keep this thread on topic... if you want to flame one another like children do it elsewhere or your posts will be removed and accounts banned. Consider this your one friendly warning.

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    tstein Guest
    Is there a tutorial or something on how to use this? For example, I've compiled open manager and have the .elf and .self file. What steps are next?

    With the open manager source, there is a PS3_GAME directory which has the ICON and param file.

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    chachini Guest
    it's imposible to unpack photogallery v2, could someone have a look please?

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    Skyknight5 Guest
    It's not paking/repacking anything for me, I checked the routes, checked the files, it does nothing for me.

    I compiled some samples from the sdk but it does nothing with them so everything I got are three eboot.bin but I can't make pkgs for them.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Guys this tool is for HomeBrew not for retail PKG´s !! Unless some one can find the retail algos for .pkg files, or some one writte a app for the ps3 to use the ps3 embendded modules or commands to decrypt retail pkg´s/retail eboot´s we will not be able to moddify retail pkg´s/eboot´s.

    Thats the main thing why or how Jailbreak works !! Enable the consoles DEV (eg. Development) modus to be able to install DEBUG/DEV PKG´s and run DEBUG/DEV SELF´s aka DEBUG/DEV EBOOT.BIN´s to be able to start a "Backup Manager" to mount a retail game with a retail EBOOT.BIN in a Virtuall BD-Drive.

    AT tstein:
    To compile a pkg you need to set up the package.config file and put the files from your app folder (eg. LV2D00000) into the dir of the pkg tool.So you need the pic0.png,pic1.png,param.sfo and so on in the root of the pkg tool folder.Then you will need the USRDIR folder containing the eboot.bin also in the root of the pkg tool folder.Again just go into the folder of your app and copy everything into the root of the pkg tool folder.Than run "Repack Game/Application" option to generate your pkg.

    At TekkenlordMex:
    There is no single tool that can do ALL that things that my tool can do in one app.Beside that i have wrote my app before the others would be released.But in case it used SDK Tools and the sdk wasnt official leaked to this time i decided to wait till some one have leaked the sdk.And if you have used my tool and tryed to edit a .sfo file you would have recognized that i have leaked a special sony tool that is not included into the leaked sdk.

    -Have Fun-

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