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Thread: PS3 PKG Tool v0.5 is Now Released!

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    neoxxx Guest
    Good work ...makes it easy, what was needed.


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    matrixsoul Guest
    Decrypt a eboot.bin... Could it decrypt the one from the Heavy Rain Move patch??

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    corsasri Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by matrixsoul View Post
    Decrypt a eboot.bin... Could it decrypt the one from the Heavy Rain Move patch??
    Hope so, we need a program that will install game updates to enable the use of the move controllers.

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    3o9 Guest
    No, it does not decrypt retail EBOOT.BIN's, nor will it unpack retail PKG's.

    To elaborate, when attempting to "decrypt" EBOOT.BIN from a game update, you get an invalid file input error. When attempting to unpack a retail .pkg, you get an empty dir with the serial # (title id/game id) eg the dir BCUS12345 is made, but it's empty.

    This PKG Tool is essentially a mobile version of the SDK, couple apps from host\win32, so because these tools originally couldn't decrypt or unpack retail eboot.bin/pkg, there's no reason to think this tool would.

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    erickplc16 Guest
    good news to me...

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    TekkenlordMex Guest
    And then, why would we want this if we got the originals that do the same in the first place?

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    xbox1080 Guest
    Cool.. this tool is similar to Fast PKG Toolbox but more powerful.

    keep it up!

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    Zerotacg Guest
    I didn't follow up all the details on the jailbreak, since I got my PS3 back just today v3.15 so does it turn a retail into a debug? and you can only run debug selfs? if not for unpacking / decrypting retail packages with the groove + ftp you could just get some files in the download queue and check the files mentioned in the thread, the format is easy to figure out you have to remove the title id in the download-task so you don't get an error if you replace the link/file with another one.

    if anyone is going to give it a try and needs some help with the format of the tasks, drop me a note.

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    highcol1911 Guest


    cool.. but I needs a .dat decrypter and encrypter to decrypt and edit index.dat

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    greenoli Guest
    awesome, can any one explain in detail and tell me how to use it?

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