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Thread: PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker Homebrew Application Arrives

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    pragmadev Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    its already possible to unpack retail pkg. Its done on the ps3, you just cant play it after it installs. It asks you to go onto psn and get license.
    The demo installers work though, and some full retail packages work as well, it's odd, but yeah. Just depends on what kind of content it is. Prologue, for example (which I actually bought, stupid Sony), wouldn't let me play it unless I got to go on PSN. Other stuff does work oddly enough.

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    ricopico Guest
    Which full retail packages work? I have found none, they all require psn access.

    There are a few debug pkg games floating about, which should install thouugh.

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    evilak Guest
    If you hope to play PSN games we need to disassemble EBOOT.BIN, extracting retail packages is already possible with the PS3 itself though.
    The nice thing about XBOX360 arcade games was that there was just a fixed flag at an fixed address that needs to be changed to unlock the full game, too bad it's not the case here

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    tjay17 Guest
    Ok so it is still not possible to play the retail version of psn games like ps1 classics or anything just demos for now.

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    atlask2 Guest
    Thanks , work fine ! A+++++

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    snerk Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sapperlott View Post
    The app in the command line window on the screenshot looks suspiciously like plain old make_package_npdrm
    lol, that's obviously what it is with a GUI.

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    shummyr Guest
    Yea it is the old make_package_npdrm, with a nice simple gui.

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    xbox1080 Guest
    Fast PKG tool 2.0 updated:
    • Unpack/Repack PKG files
    • Drag/Drop Support

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks xbox1080 and +Rep.. I will update the first post with it now as well.

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    shummyr Guest
    Just a Quick Note, some of the writing is not english, but looks to be russian... This is for the fastpkg app/tool update...

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