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Thread: PS3 PKG building/signing - joint effort

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    einzwei Guest

    Thumbs Up PS3 PKG building/signing - joint effort

    With recent MFW from Kakarotoks it seems that building and sighning valid PKGs is a good thing to do :^)

    It's obvious that many devs are already working on this subject, but I think also it wouldn't hurt if we continue to share our thoughts on pkg format and may be some how speed things up

    here are some PKG header offsets....
    Offset,Length,Value (example),Description
    0x04,0x01,0x80,0x80- retail package
    0x07,0x01,0x01,0x01 - PS3 package
    0x0C,0x04,0x00000005,05? 08?
    0x10,0x04,0x00000080,size of sub header2
    0x14,0x04,0x0000000B,number of file entries (dirs+files) inside encrypted payload
    0x18,0x08,0x0000000000021570,64 bit integer length of complete pkg file
    0x20,0x08,0x0000000000000140,length of header/ payload start offset
    0x28,0x08,0x00000000000213D0,length of encrypted payload
    0x30,0x30,EP9000-NPEA00004...',PKG ID padded with 0x00's
    0x70,0x10,xxxxxxxxxxxxx,pkg key (used encrypted with arbitrary private key)
    0xC0,0x00000080,,sub header2 starts here

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    eledu81 Guest
    take a look to ungpkg from ps3tools. you will need gpkg-key in $HOME/.ps3

    $ hexdump -C  gpkg-key
    00000000  2e 7b 71 d7 c9 c9 a1 4e  a3 22 1f 18 88 28 b8 f8  |.{q....N."...(..|

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    einzwei Guest
    sure. key needed for decryption. But in order to _build_ pkg you need to ecrypt and sign it properly. Currently it is not known (at least no public info) how to sign...

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    xScoper Guest
    Not true NGU user AlphaDenver has confirmed to have a working signed FTP server. He had a video released but took it down due to it being publicly released.

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    metalheavy Guest
    Yes, signing is possible.

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    geofferey Guest
    So how to you go about signing the .pkg(s) then?

    I tried makepkg from fail0verflows ps3tools, but I don't know what to put in the [key suffix] [version]. Does the tool even sign

    [email protected]:~/PS3TOOLS$ ./makepkg
    usage: makepkg [key suffix] [version] filename.pkg dir_with_files
    perror: Success

    Spent some time looking around and there should be some signing tools soon. I would guess within the next two weeks.

    Geohot has a pup and a sample on his site which he just updated sometime yesterday. Obviously he has the ability to sign pkg(s) so it's only a short wait now.

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    DVBisOK Guest
    Use like this:

    makepkg retail 341 test.pkg dir_with_files

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    geofferey Guest
    Thanks mate I'm going to try it on some source now and see if it will run. Do you know if it's signing them?

    Also where may I go about finding the edit button on this forum?

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by geofferey View Post
    Also where may I go about finding the edit button on this forum?
    Users can only edit posts for a few minutes each to fix grammar/spelling errors etc, after that the button disappears basically.

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    chrrox Guest
    Is it possible to extract game packages that have the .sdat extension?

    In a hex editor they start with NPD.

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