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    Thumbs Up PS3 PKG building/signing - joint effort

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    With recent MFW from Kakarotoks it seems that building and sighning valid PKGs is a good thing to do :^)

    It's obvious that many devs are already working on this subject, but I think also it wouldn't hurt if we continue to share our thoughts on pkg format and may be some how speed things up

    here are some PKG header offsets....

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    take a look to ungpkg from ps3tools. you will need gpkg-key in $HOME/.ps3

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    sure. key needed for decryption. But in order to _build_ pkg you need to ecrypt and sign it properly. Currently it is not known (at least no public info) how to sign...

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    Not true NGU user AlphaDenver has confirmed to have a working signed FTP server. He had a video released but took it down due to it being publicly released.

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    Yes, signing is possible.

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    So how to you go about signing the .pkg(s) then?

    I tried makepkg from fail0verflows ps3tools, but I don't know what to put in the [key suffix] [version]. Does the tool even sign

    geofferey@ubuntu:~/PS3TOOLS$ ./makepkg
    usage: makepkg [key suffix] [version] filename.pkg dir_with_files
    perror: Success

    Spent some time looking around and there should be some signing tools soon. I would guess within the next two weeks.

    Geohot has a pup and a sample on his site which he just updated sometime yesterday. Obviously he has the ability to sign pkg(s) so it's only a short wait now.
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    Use like this:

    makepkg retail 341 test.pkg dir_with_files

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    Thanks mate I'm going to try it on some source now and see if it will run. Do you know if it's signing them?

    Also where may I go about finding the edit button on this forum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by geofferey View Post
    Also where may I go about finding the edit button on this forum?
    Users can only edit posts for a few minutes each to fix grammar/spelling errors etc, after that the button disappears basically.

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    Is it possible to extract game packages that have the .sdat extension?

    In a hex editor they start with NPD.


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