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Thread: PS3 PKG building/signing - joint effort

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    jb2010 Guest
    I have a quick question for anyone willing to field it: I'm pondering ways to distribute signed pkg files to a ps3, and I'm wondering if you could use the PSN Download Manager/booster, and send the signed file over to the psn in lieu of the actual demo or game downloaded.

    I assume it hashes the file for an md5 sum or something to prevent this. However if not it may be a fairly simple way to get signed homebrew on a legit system.

    edit: tried it. Got an 80029564 error. Damn. As a followup, I'm reading from Kakarotoks that geohot's signing tools are incomplete and don't actually sign the pkg itself, only the self files. which would explain the failure I am experiencing trying to get the ps3 to accept an unsigned pkg. His close sourced MFW apparently patches out the PKG check.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    No, sadly due to spammers making BS posts and then editing them a few days later to include their spam we have no plans to change the editing permissions. We can override them though for members who need it (such as we did for deanrr) so that they can update their posts, lists, etc but not just for users who want to be able to edit in general.
    Gotcha! Thanks anyhow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    can I get that option... , I just need it in the multiMan Themes Thread, nowhere else, cause sometimes I might post an early build of themes, and then people use the wrong one, if not it's cool Boss.
    Done, you should be able to update your posts now as well.

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    HieiYYH Guest
    hum... can someone help?

    ok, i got the geohot sign tool (make_self_npdrm.exe) but i don't think i understand it right... tried resign the gt5 eboot.elf (that i did unself with fail0verflow tool) running like this

    make_self_npdrm EBOOT.ELF EBOOT.BIN UP0001-BCUS98114_00-HOMEBREW00000001

    but it doesn't show anything, it seems that the tool isn't not even working since it doesn't even show any errors for me

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    PSGamer24 Guest
    Make sure you have the right DLL files and the elf is in the correct format.

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    HieiYYH Guest
    well, the dlls i have:


    and the elf i got from using unself.exe tool from fail0verflow. thing is, i can sign an eboot.bin with the fail0verflow makeself, however it seems invalid since the file is 4kb bigger than the original eboot.bin and if i try sceverify it says:

    sce_decrypt_header failed
    perror: No error

    using WinXP sp3 here, dunno if it makes any difference.

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    d1scordian Guest
    Its a lot more involved than that and if you really must backup GT5 (the one game actually worth paying for btw) then download PSL1GHT SDK and compile your own homebrew application first.

    Then you might be able to make the leap to figure out how to re-package your $ony material as your own NPDRM material...

    Only way your windows box will work is if its running a linux vm btw...

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    HieiYYH Guest


    i got it working, it was because of the old version of some dlls


    to be more precise... now it signed fine... but i still don't understand why fail0verflow makeself adds a useless header into the file.

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    Krachwas Guest
    would spend more time on reversing the npdrm keys. geohot did it also. anyone know / can imagine how he did so?

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