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    nice little app. loving how the ps3 homebrew community keeps growing every day that goes by.

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    I'm also getting the same as you, but I was on the understanding you didn't need to do it to a demo, it just runs on your internal drive after install. Sorry I've not been up long I could be wrong, and you may have other reasons.

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    Not sure what you mean, if I try to play the demo it asks me to update so that's why I'm trying to edit the PARAM.SFO so it looks for 3.41.

    Maybe I misread what you said, what did you mean?

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    Sorry bud, like I said I had not been up long, and did not think of that reason, and like a tool that I am, I thought because you was a new poster on here, you was new to playing games without the disks and maybe confused about playing demos or riped game disks from your drives. My bad.

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    About the Killzone 3 Demo problem: "This is Killzone 3 Demo EBOOT - I'm on 3.41 and when I tried to run the game (even with the param.sfo changed to 3.41) it wants to upgrade my system to 3.50 or higher...

    I tried JB dongle with 3.50 spoof too... but after information about connecting PSEYE and Move controller it freezing my console (black screen)"

    So it's prob a no go as far as param editing to get it to work on 3.41. The only other way mentioned and as far as I know, would be an edited eboot.bin

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    Guys about this save games, i have a huge problem. Until 3 days ago i was on 3.41 JB OFW, i installed the kmeaw 3.55 CFW and now my savegames are not loaded (a error that tells me that my save don't belong to me). I have not play online and now the problem is that on user ID i get : 000000000000000000

    no number or something else. Pls help to make the save games work

    sorry for my gramatical errors

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    Ok so will this tool work for a regular (not hacked) ps3?

    Also, will it work for a Fallout NV gamesave?

    I have tried copying my account ID into another persons PARAM.SFO file, but when I transfer it to the ps3 it says the data is corrupted. I have my buddy's Save file but want to make it work on my ps3 - are there steps I am missing?

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    hello.. this does not work for me.. when i double click the editor it gives an error.. how to run it? plz help..

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    With respect my friend I would not bother with this tool as it was never working very successfully.

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    When i try to copy to my ps3 it says data is corrupted.

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