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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Package GUI Reloaded v1.00 for PKG Files is Released

    This weekend an anonymous PlayStation 3 developer has released PS3 Package GUI (Make Package NPDRM) Reloaded v1.00 for PKG format files followed by Make Package NPDRM Patcher Revision 1732 which removes the security checks in make_package_npdrm.exe.

    Download: PS3 Package GUI Reloaded v1.00 / Make Package NPDRM Patcher Revision 1732

    From the ReadMe file: PS3 Package Gui - Reloaded v1.00

    This is a simple gui to make ps3 package easily.

    To know:
    • It does not contain any SCE tool/code.
    • It's only working with 3.41 bins.

    • The previous "PS3 Package Gui" was released by a good dev friend, but the source code was made by myself.
    • The patching method belong to an other good dev friend, many thanks to him.

    • Package commands.
    • ELF/SELF commands.
    • EDATA commands.
    • Load/Save conf files.
    • Many package type supported.
    • And more...

    Version history:
    • 01.00 - 02/27/2011

    Finally, in other PS3 homebrew news today samson has released PS3 Messenger Ebuddy homebrew application for PlayStation 3 which allows users to connect to MSN by simply pressing Start to start.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    pig098 Guest
    you mean like developer as in game developer??

    kinda ironic since he/she is helping scene which will make piracy easier which means less money for dev.

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    condorstrike Guest
    huh, wonder what it uses psl1ght or something else, why can't people be clear about stuff?

    either way, good job.

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    gizmol Guest
    only 3.41 bins? does that mean this tool is unable to edit 3.15?

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    Brenza Guest
    Thank you, good job!

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    Apr 2005
    Here is another update: Make Package NPDRM Patcher Revision 1732 and changes:

    Download: Make Package NPDRM Patcher Revision 1732
    • This tool remove the security checks in make_package_npdrm.exe (revision 1732).

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