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    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    after I installed it I copied the patched nas_plugin.sprx over top the unpatched nas_plugin.sprx so technically it stays patched whether enabled or not.
    I don't know why you have done this. The patched nas_plugin is only needed for install custom .pkgs and not for run selfs (that are signed like original).

    So now you can't install pkgs and you have a patched file in ps3, maybe detectable. It's something useless..

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    is it possible to install on 4.65 ofw yet?

    if so please let me know!

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    Thnx I take it!!!

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    i would like to know as well if can be used on owf 4.65, please answer as soon as possible thx

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    I'm trying to install on 200gb slim

    Seem kool

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    Nice !

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