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    Nov 2010
    ye, i know, but i want to try everything, if there is a bit of chance to work and get back my console to life. if not working? no probs, cannot be worse as now

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    Mar 2010
    I believe this won't work for Waninkoko bricks as it has already been discovered that USB does not activate with a Waninkoko brick only the MS PRO Duo slot

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    Nov 2010
    got a MemoryStick card. copied the 2 files, same result. green - yellow - blinking red

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    made no difference same yellow red lights usb was never checked as it has led indicator on it.

    60gb fat uk ps3 died while using bd remarying dongle usb

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    I even tried formatting internal (fat32) hdd and copying these 2 files to root. No different response. I hate Waninkoko !!!

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    a friend was even better have stayed at this, knew it from there and the best PS3 unlocks.

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    Jul 2008
    Nice one. A unbrick project is everytime a real great thing. I wish them the best.

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    gitbrew is gone... does anyone happen to have those files anymore, yes i searched.

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