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    PS3 NOR and NAND Flash Auto Patcher v4.50 by Proskopina is Released

    Following up on PS3 Flash Auto Patcher v4.46 by Rogero, today I have released what I call PS3 NOR and NAND Flash Auto Patcher by proskopina for v4.50 PS3 Firmware.

    Download: PS3_Flash_Auto_Patcher_v4.50.rar

    Below are the changes, as follows:
    • Added new HABIB CFW4.50 v1.00 patches to support OFW4.50 downgrading.
    • Added Windows XP compatibility.

    Maybe can be in front page.

    PS3 NOR and NAND Flash Auto Patcher By Proskopina is Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by proskopina View Post
    Maybe can be in front page.
    I have now mainpaged the update as requested, and +Rep proskopina for the revision!

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    So how do you get a NAND/NOR dump from a OFW 4.50 PS3?

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    Can this app downgrade which model PS3?

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    the only models that have been hackable the past few years are the only ones this will work for, no one wants to take the time to decrypt the newer models so do not look forward to it.

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    why does it read like you can downgrade from 4.50 etc

    Is there a translation problem or something?

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    i've made it with Habi's patch.bin few days ago, works perfectly with teensy 2.00++ on slim 2004 ^^

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    Has anyone test it on OFW 4.50? I have observed that readme is from rogero 4.46

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    it's ok for me, no problems to patch

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    Am i reading this right? Is this working on OFW 4.50?

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