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    Big Grin PS3 new bug or ?

    may be new bug, may be Vram not clean..

    normal we hold power button we will got 1 bit -> 1 bit -> keep hold button power off = reset setting
    special we hold power button we will got 1 bit -> 2 bit -> un hold button -> recover mode
    now i find. hold power button we will got 1 bit -> 2 bit -> keep hold button -> power off, after than action power on ps3 again, it
    will got 1 sec like that screen before show up HDMI yes/no option.

    what is this? i don't know, may be just my bad LCD out of scan?? let share what happen on your ps3
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    my lcd tv

    My lcd tv does a slight flicker when the PS3 is searching for it's proper output interface. Seems normal. I'm using component cables as my HDMI port broke on my tv.

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    That happens to me too.. I can confirm it.


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