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Thread: PS3 NAND Flow Rebuilder v3.35 BETA released!

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    NDT Guest

    PS3 NAND Flow Rebuilder v3.35 BETA released!

    Update: PS3 NAND Flow Rebuilder v3.36 BETA is now out, which fixes a tiny bug.

    This tool, although in beta stage, allows you to unscramble the blocks of a PS3 dumps ordering them in a way that the dumps become readable and extractable!

    From now on it also allow you to re-scramble back to the original order once you modified the data you want!

    It's for study and tests purposes, for experienced people only (devs) that this way can manage the files inside the flashes.

    Download Link: PS3 NAND Flow Rebuilder v3.35 BETA

    In this updated version you'll find some good news:

    1) It's more compatible, it support a larger number of dumps, please try it with your one and if something goes wrong please let me know (through irc, on Efnet, my nick is NDT).

    2) It now directly extract the kernel files in an extraction directory (Use the option extract files from dump).

    3) You can now re-scramble back a modified dump in order to flash it in your console (Note*1 You need to regenerate ECC, read below).

    4) Analyzer has some more informations (it's still alpha, i use it for debug, it's complete only for versions 2.40/2.41).



    First of all select if you want to unscramble or re-scramble your dump.

    The first option is the first you have to use, it unscramble your flashes and interleave them in order to obtain a readable and extractable dump.

    Once you modified the unscrambled dump (you can swap files or change some data) the second one allow you to deinterleave the flashes rescrambling them as the original ones are (otherwise dump won't work).


    "Flash 0" (TOP): Is the flash0 dump file, warning, many USA dumps use the way around names, so if your dump is USA you should try to load Flash1 here instead.

    "Flash 1" (BOTTOM): Is the flash1 dump file, warning, many USA dumps use the way around names, so if your dump is USA you should try to load Flash0 here instead.

    OUTPUT (INTERLEAVED) file: It's the interleaved file that the tool produce using the UNSCRAMBLE option.

    INPUT (INTERLEAVED) file: It's the modified interleaved file from witch the tool rebuild the new flashes (0/1) that you need reflash on PS3.

    - ANALYZER -

    It's the option that add to the log what's contained in the flashes blocks, the info is in this format:

    0000000000. | 00000000. ==> File-System Root

    On the Left there is the OOB block unique data, on the right (after the ==>) there is the analysis, so what the block contains.

    It's fully working only for dump versions 2.40/2.41 and it's very slow, it's an alpha debug option.


    This option allow you to extract the kernel files from the dump, it automatically do it for you, if something goes wrong it's because your dump isn't supported yet, please contact me in this case!

    You can use even on your modified dump (option "RESCRAMBLE & DEINTERLEAVE FLASHES") to check if you swapped the files correctly.


    This tool need the .net framework 2.0 in order to work: most computers should have it installed yet, by the way here is the link in case you wonder where to get it:


    ECC calculation is still private, i didn't included in the tool because PS3News don't wanna share this information yet because we don't like Sony to patch it right now. It's the only way to change Dump data, please understand it.


    I'd like to greet all the ppl that helped me in this work: ggparallel, Ein, CJPC, Courier and all the staff :-)

    NDT More PlayStation 3 News...

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    As always, VERY nice job NDT and the resident PS3 Devs... rock on!

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    flurix Guest
    Very nice news NDT. Good to see your work is still going, I'll send you pictures of Maui before I get (back to) work :P . Can't wait to use the tool.

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    tworok Guest
    top notch news

    like NDT says "PS3 will rock" couldn't have said it better

    i wish i'd have a dev PS3 machine so i could help you guys

    keep up with the great works guys, i'm sure you'll manage something worthwhile


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    NDT Guest
    Sorry, i forgot to decomment an important line that i used to debug in 3.35

    please use 3.36:

    See you.


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    Bakke Guest
    Now this is GOOD news. Not like the yesterday's one going around and that would end unnecessarily killing your HDDs and all.

    Nice job NDT as always!

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    Starlight Guest


    Nice job indeed NDT and keep up the good work, and all ps3 devs too.

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