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    PS3 METLDR Root Key ReTweeted by Sony's Kevin Butler

    About as exciting as recycling the PSN bypass blocked again news, today Engadget reports that Kevin Butler has inadvertently retweeted (now removed) the PS3 METLDR Root Key- specifically the HMAC Dongle Master Key that GeoHot first posted before Sony took legal action for hacking the PlayStation 3 console.

    To quote: "Oh, honey. Sony PlayStation's (entirely fictional) Kevin Butler holds many (also fictional) positions within the company, but apparently none of them require him to keep up with (very real) news events. Travis La Marr (aka @exiva) tweeted the now-infamous PS3 METLDR root key towards Butler with the challenge to "Come at me."

    What's a spokeperson to do but confuse it for a Battleship reference and retweet the entire code? Obviously someone let him in on the joke, as the tweet's since been removed. At least Sony won't have to subpoena for his info here. Geohot, we hope you're laughing."

    PS3 METLDR Root Key ReTweeted by Sony's Kevin Butler

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    that is hilarious!

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    The way I see it sony just gave us the key themselves now if they want to come after us we just need to show the picture where THEY released it. Thank-you for evidence to use against you in court where you made it public yourself.

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    it's not the metldr key, the HMAC for the service mode dongle: 46DCEAD317FE45D80923EB97E4956410D4CDB2C2

    erk: C0CEFE84C227F75BD07A7EB846509F93B238E770DACB9FF4A3 88F812482BE21B
    riv: 47EE7454E4774CC9B8960C7B59F4C14D
    public: C2D4AAF319355019AF99D44E2B58CA29252C89123D11D6218F 40B138CAB29B7101F3AEB72A975019
    private: 00C5B2BFA1A413DD16F26D31C0F2ED4720DCFB0670
    curve_type: 0x20

    service mode dongle?

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    Now they need to sue themselves, or I will sue them for not sueing themselves.

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    this guy cracks me up every single time, damn don't fire him sony, it's the best you've got hahaha

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    you sank my battleship, classic lol

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    He should have added the bro.

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    This is hilarious!

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    darn a useless "in court" key too bad it isn't the metldr key that would have really screwed their case, seeing how they themselves would have given out whats needed to start the total decryption of thier software.

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