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    Itachi1800 Guest
    This seems promising, I think?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well sony had a real effect on suing GeoHot, now everyone is scared to release they keys. I just hope we get a 3.73 CFW and not a dongle (when an exploit is available. )

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Why are people holding back? How about someone email me the keys and I'll gladly release them to the public. I'll release them under my name if they even have to have a name with them. How about I just release them under anonymous that why Sony will have to sue anonymous. LOL

    I'll will go learn how to get the keys and I will release them then the prick devs will go and have a cry as they no longer have that hold over the scene.

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    404 Guest
    You wont see a 3.6+ firmware anytime soon..... Although i would expect a wave of fix's going through release channel's soon..... (And MAYBE key's eventually)

    I think a viable option would be firmware spoofing on ps3 3.55 (With cex->dex we could get all debug eboot's AGAIN) (AKA: PSN)
    We also must wait and see what come's of breakself......

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Can someone PM me the details of getting in touch with a that dev so I can get the keys myself. That way I will release them when I get them. I'm not going to hold back like all the other devs. I want to release the keys one way or another.

    Either someone give me the keys and I'll release them or I get taught how to get the key myself and I release them but one way or another I will be releasing the keys as soon as I get them.

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    absarhegde Guest
    Why can't they just release it to public, anyhow its for the first time.. anonymously you can do it.. if you can leak these news then $ony knows that you have it so why not just release it...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The boss might have some contacts who are PS3 devs so you can ask him about it.

    Anyways I wish you good luck on obtaining the keys.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by spunkybunny View Post
    Can someone PM me the details of getting in touch with a that dev so I can get the keys myself.
    If you mean BrandonW, his e-mail is at the bottom of his site (brandonw.net/ps3jb/) or via Twitter (twitter.com/#!/brandonlwilson) but my guess is due to legal reasons he won't be interested in supplying keys to anyone else to release, as then when Sony comes down on them he would be next in line.

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    d3adliner Guest
    Mathieulh needs nothing more than a swift kick to the sack.

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    404 Guest
    http://chat.efnet.org/irc.cgi #ps3dev for anyone that want's to discuss break self/pck0

    BrandonW is very talented, i ran the original ti84 plus port and it worked very well as intended (But he isn't looking to get sued). We need to look into setting up a secure release channel, as that would help the current hosting issue's and whatnot... (Somewhere dmca does not apply)

    And there are MANY dev's willing to put there name on the line and release the key's......

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