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    Dragonlordfrodo Guest
    I dont think we can expect any "official" CFW if you know what I mean, because of the per console key is needed. But this is a great step. What I actually see happening, is for 3.60 +, if you want a CFW, you need to make it on your own.

    Hopefully a method to get our per console key is released, then we can use that key, plus that CFW making program to make our own CFW. But I honestly dont expect to see a CFW like KMEAW 3.72.

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    I don't mind new CFWs.. I just want to play new games... if this makes us able to modify 3.60+ eboots and play the newest games then I'm happy. We don't need a CFW, don't worry!

  3. #63
    amareladex Guest
    ok thanks... i'll wait like I did till today thanks.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Lets just hope the devs who made PS3MFW update it so it can make a 3.60+ MFW.

    OR we just stay on 3.55CFW and make an easy way to patch games.
    OR even better just a patch so the 3.60 keys are installed in 3.55CFW

  5. #65
    GotNoUsername Guest
    Well I don't want to crush your hopes but even if you have your per_console_root_key_0 you still have not the bootldr and this is what you want! And even if you get bootldr you have to replace or at least mod it, as far as I kbow is a lot hellish work. And it is still not sure if bootldr is only encrypted by the per_console_root_key_0. So most dev's I talked to say don't get your hopes high it will likely lead to nothing at all.

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    fireburn Guest
    This whould be nice that this disabled the necessary bluray ray drive.. Mine is dead.. grrrr

    of course i have one second ps3

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    WTF Name Guest
    so simply the real hacker get the key and decrypt all 3.6+ to 3.55, that would be what they are actually doing.

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    Bartholomy Guest

  9. #69
    Foo Guest
    Why don't we dual boot the RAM with a PC on Linux?

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    tulla2010 Guest


    How can this lead to nothing? When math clearly had code running on 3.56+ as he so clearly teased us with.

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