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    True. But a smart man, a man like Geohot, is enough able to take a look around. "WTF is this trash here, do you want your console hacked in a few months? Improve immediately this trash PSN here. And close debug access immediately (this one is more recent but i bet Geohot saw it too). And hell, what is this FAT 60 with so many hardware holes?

    Call me the hardware division and change immediately the structure here and here, so the SLIM model will be impossible to touch." That's how things was going to happen long ago, if Sony was smart..

    Conspiracy theory? Uhm, not so impossible, looking what happened.

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    You must not read much.

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    dark_alex leaked it.. haha

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    is ps3 3.72 jailbreak out yet?

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    i don't think you are quiet getting this exploit. You have to do it for your console.

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    i'm on stock 3.72 can i use this leak on my ps3??

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    ok... so i have to wait for a cfw realese , right??

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    i don't understand how or why people come here asking such noob questions... it's like we have the schematics for a candy making machine, and 6 year old kids are asking here for candy, like its made already....

    gawd... its like they can't read, or they can't understand what they are reading. not to mention that they don't read the posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by br4insick View Post
    dark_alex leaked it.. haha
    LOL i know right

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