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Thread: PS3 Metldr Exploit Leaked, PlayStation 3 Metldr Guide Arrives

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    kaosu Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by damox View Post
    Why does everyone love c4eva? Modified DVD firmwares ... please.

    The firmware is the easiest part of the hack.
    Probably because he releases something and while I'm sure he gets money one way or another, anyone can just pickup his firmware with clear instructions for free, though you may need to pay for the equipment initially (by making it or buying it). You can see him talking in IRC all the time and isn't condescending. Not only that, but he has managed to run circles around the security checks that the Xbox LIVE team has tried to implement.

    Its fine to pay respects to people, but in the end and in reality, props are given to those who actually do something that everyone can see. Wrong or right, these communities wouldn't exist without people leaking or releasing things.

    No one outside of developers cares how hard it is to find a software or hardware exploit, realistically. We just want to be able to do whatever with our consoles.

    Not everyone knows how to bake bread or even cares to know. But that doesn't stop people from eating bread.

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    ahasverus Guest
    Think with me, if you get upset with somebody would you still do it a favor?

    Let's say somebody stole your iphone, would you teach the thief how to use it?

    I have 2 simple theories:

    1. He stole, together with the tutorial and just pasted.
    2. He did it for the scene but don't want go to jail so released it anon and did the tutorial.

    It just don't make sense to create a tutorial if you are pissed.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I do know how people are when they want something bad enough. However i feel that one has to give to get respect. I am not saying that he has not given any. But i am saying that if this does lead to something it will be big and he will have to thank someone. However if it doesn't amount to anything you have to still give respect to someone.

    I do know that i hope it does amount to something. In time the answer will come, but people will have to wait and see. Who ever that did make it. GOOD JOB!!! And i hope that they will stick around for the end of the PS3.


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    spunkybunny Guest
    So Math put his hand up and said its his work. I doubt it but ok. He then said he's leaving the scene. YEAH!!! PISS OFF! If he's not going to release anything then we don't need him. It's about time something good was released like this.

    I thank the leaker as hopefully this will turn in to what we want. A new CFW. $ony haven't sued anyone for ages. Why would they be that stupid to sue someone now? when something gets out in the public now its gone, there is no stopping it so what good will suing people do? If they want to stop it then start hiring them and get them to work for you. That's the smart way to stop the ps3 scene.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Definitively agree. But it's not how things work for a japanese mind

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    mm4dsc Guest
    What is that suppose to mean?

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    young blade Guest
    I think Math himself is the anonymous guy who leaked it... I mean just think about it.. its the perfect way to go incognito..

    Claiming that someone else leaked your work.. and still get credit for it..

    1) If we give credit to this so called mr. X (Math will gain this credit)

    2) If we show sympathy for his work he will also gain credit..

    so its the perfect crime..

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    tilla Guest
    More of Mathieulh being a drama queen? I am SHOCKED

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    lethal253 Guest
    we could make a mathieulh drama movie?!

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mm4dsc View Post
    What is that suppose to mean?
    In Japan, usually, if you want to gain a special work position, like security director of Sony ps3 Japan division, you have to STUDY for years, gain a proper degree (master+PhD if possible), make a long security and programmer career, all documented, a blank criminal record, a friend "pushing" your position, why not, but useless if you are just an idiot.

    Now, do you think an hacker with a nickname, who live his days borderline to the next Sony' sue, will take his seat instead of someone with 15 years of career specialized in security? Hackers are trash, who deserve to be sued and if possible stay locked in jail forever. Surely not called on his mobile asking to join the security division.

    This is Japan. i have difficulties to remember a japanese company who hired a well know hacker giving him a security position. Can you help me?

    If happened, there is a quite serious reason, and this "hacker" is absolutely a diamond, someone who is 10 step over the human race.
    So, don't be surprised if the only good thing Sony is good to do, is call a lawyer and sue all ps3 devs.

    Do you know a different story?

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