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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Interesting read, strikes me that if this wasn't Math's work he'd be pretty stupid to claim it was because surely $ony will be all over his rear now. (In fact even if is his work IMHO he still is a bit stupid for this very reason)

    I'm not a C coder and don't have much hex experience so can't check or confirm any of what he says, but it looks pretty legit at a casual glance, so must give him respect for this (a very nice explanation too).

    Will wait and see what happens, as per some of the previous posts.

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    CS67700 Guest
    Ungrateful scene ... maybe, but then why do you even participate ? Why do you find exploits and share them with "ungrateful" peoples ?

    Are you sadist ? Just wondering ... I believe he's just pretending, he asked that person to "leak" it because he thought he wouldn't be held responsible. But you're wrong, Sony will go after you and not the leakers. Trust me, we've seen it enough.

    Why did you have to claim anything for this ? Couldn't let it go ? Let the thing be anonymous ? No .. mister had to put his name on it.

    Cool, if Sony goes after you blame yourself and not the scene. These things should be released anonymously to avoid being sued. A scene is no place for fame, you're gonna learn this soon enough.

    See you in court.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Since we are discussing conspiracy theories, I will go ya one better CS67700 with another

    Perhaps Mathieulh didn't ask anyone to leak it and is just a puppet used by moonlighting devs (for example: adrahil, bushing, marcan, oopo, richdevx, sjeep, subdub, xorloser, etc) who already sold the 'True Blue dongle scheme' code to the the Chinese, so in the spirit of keeping things free to the scene (as was done after cashing out on PSJailBreak aka PSGroove and PSDowngrade aka PSGrade) they dropped Gary the file and rolled with the 'Mathieulh leak' cover to distance themselves from playing both sides of the field and preserve overseas relationships.

    Gotta love double-agents, eh? Of course, that is just one of many conspiracy theories made up... does anyone have another?

    PS: Just saw this, for what it's worth: https://twitter.com/#!/notwuat

    Some related Tweets:

    notwuat: Because stealing it from me and changing a line in your run.sh means you made it? Get on my level kid.

    notwuat: Mathieulh What I really like is the file from 31/12/2005. Editing dates is very hard! http://pic.twitter.com/qZY4zWrn

    xorloser: Mathieulh yes everyone knows your method of hacking is to get info from one person and pass it on to others as if it came from you.

    bushing: Mathieulh Is this your own anger, or is it passed on from someone else?

    fail0verflow: ERROR! CAN NOT PARSE! static char tweet[140];

    Mathieulh: xorloser sure, Santa gave me all that stuff away right? You have no basis for these claims and you are truly despicable.

    _skitzo: Next time you feel the need to spout off about stupid sht you believe you had a part in. Just remember one of us (not me) has hired people from Sony watching there twitter account (Hi Sony!) and just for the mother fcking record. You have as much influence in any scene you believe your part of as a genital wart.

    _skitzo: Mathieulh mother fck wanna talk sht? Btch you should be in a prison right now getting fcked by Bubba. Go ahead talk sht again.

    _skitzo: Mathieulh are you even going to try talking sht to xorloser? I'd be careful your little friend craize can't spoon feed you forever.

  4. #24
    moja Guest
    Interesting. I actually understood his explanation, just don't know enough code right now to be really useful. I don't really know how to rate this guy other than dubious - I don't really trust his motivations nor the source of his methods. He sure does mark every spot he can with his scent, though.

    Anyway, if the root keys are hard-coded in each console's metldr, then this would be all someone needs, right?

  5. #25
    Bartholomy Guest
    Every leader claim "It's all mine , i did it all by myself. I created it, i'm god"

    Do you remember a funny german guy, few years ago, during the WW2?

    moja Ye, kinda

  6. #26
    moja Guest
    Yeah, but people followed him... to the death.

  7. #27
    Bartholomy Guest
    Today maybe to the tribunal, sued, who know hehe

  8. #28
    kaosu Guest
    All I hear is complaints from Mathieulh, when all he does is talk trash most of the time. Credit where credit is due, but I just can't draw up any sympathy for the man. He blames the scene yet he is the one that dropped the ball he was so desperate to protect.

    Mathieulh isn't c4eva.

  9. #29
    damox Guest
    Why does everyone love c4eva? Modified DVD firmwares ... please.

    The firmware is the easiest part of the hack.

  10. #30
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Not sure, everything I've heard about him seems to mimic other for-profit devs... I'm sure end-users like the Firmware updates, but in the end it appears he does it to cash in via Paul, Terry, etc.

    I do know some other lead devs don't care for him, but of course for every one that feels that way there are 1,000 users who disagree.

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