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Thread: PS3 Metldr Exploit Leaked, PlayStation 3 Metldr Guide Arrives

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    snoekie Guest
    He said he's leaving the scene, so he'll be back in a week?

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lindwurm View Post
    I hope per console key 0 can be found in this metldr well maybe a new cfw is on the way but i'm not against it,i'm just happy with my old cfw just playin a new game with mod eboot or package is enough.
    IIRC, it is stored inside metldr.

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    lethal253 Guest
    we don't have to forget what he did, if he's really the man behind this tool, we have to pay him some respect beside his "selfish" behavior

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    mod632 Guest
    it will lead to much much more like 3.7x CFW if someone gets lv0 not just playing new games

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    lethal253 Guest
    if someone has the "balls" to release something, than it will for sure lead to a new way to use our ps3.

    If we really find a way to unleash the ps3 i'm curious to see whats the next move of Sony...

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    dyceast Guest
    Wow... Gotta give him respect... Even though he didn't intend to... a Good Step for DEVs

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    NTA Guest
    I've been seeing that Mathieulh has mentioned a bit recently

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    mushy409 Guest
    Oh the future looks bright once again for the PS3 scene

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    shummyr Guest
    hopefully this will lead to a newer cfw to be released in which it allows the creativity of the scene to flourish even more

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    jfmartins Guest
    Rep to Mathieulh. I read this thread and i know i am most a reader than a poster but i completly understand Mathieulh when he said "Frack" the guy/guys that leak work that is not their work and NOBODY likes that, really NOBODY.

    Please, I understand that EVERYBODY wants to have new games playing in CFW and Linux running on their PS3 no matter what firmware they have , but if the DEVS don't want to leak their work I have to respect that.

    If its not my work I can't leak it unless i have auth to do it, but since it is leaked I hope some DEVS continue the work by Mathieulh
    PROPS to Mathieulh.

    See you on the NET

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