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Thread: PS3 Metldr Exploit Leaked, PlayStation 3 Metldr Guide Arrives

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    IHM Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by moja View Post
    Isn't Math the one who said 'Goodbye scene, forever?' That was fast..
    Didn't work.

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    jfmartins Guest
    Pk Barth If you liked that is ONLY a bit of what you can see of that guy in the series. RECOMMENDED by doctors

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    DemonoidMaster Guest
    Yep, he did ... and him coming back just to brag is annoying as hell. Why come back just to brag and show off a freaking 3.73 Lv0 decrypt.. MATH DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE THAT SMART.

    I just wish he'd stop trying to e-fame his rear off and release all the info and files...

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    p0tsm0ke Guest
    thanks for the info, the scene will love this.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    Probably because he's a prick about anything new. As soon as something pops up, he's there to insult people, claim it as his own, or just be rude.

    I own a second PS3 so I can play new games; it doesn't mean I don't want to cheat or play from the disc on my modded console.

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    tulla2010 Guest
    look we should stop whining about math because, a: he wont release anything, b:all the whining will just make him less likely to help & c: you just wind yourselves up in the process.

    There are other talented people out there who can piece the jigsaw together & i wouldn't be surprised when someone does figure it all out that math will be more forthcoming with help, after all he wants others to do the work that he has done.

    Now don't get me wrong math has a weird way of going about things & has an uncanny way of getting everyone backs up, but i think its just his way of getting others motivated to crack this.

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    fatboyj Guest
    Agreed, the guy has talent at coding and winding so many people up.

    But seriously, if I was the most talented enlargement doctor that could make anyone bigger, and decided to keep it to myself and practice this great talent only on my hamster, wouldn't there be an outcry? I bet Math would be first to post and be the most vocal for my services.

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    Natepig Guest
    Its said that if you are working on something and get stuck, if you contact him he is known to be quite helpful.

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    iscnokia Guest
    hmmm, how the heck he did it if you need to know necessarily the private key (now not being poorly randomized like failover found) and that only Sony knows. I understand that PS3 console uses several levels of encryption and in order to unencrypt it you must have or know the private key... and there's no way to have it.

    Also, that phony DOS windows showing that output is nothing that any program running what you want so I could also write a C program printing:

    printf ("I have a 3.60+ CFW \n");

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    404 Guest
    Isconkia does your ps3 have the private key, no. Can your ps3 decrypt lv0, yes. Figure it out.... Also anyone could write that, but trust me breakself is real.... Your ps3 has the pub key....

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