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  1. #131
    sotigris Guest
    just make the keys yourself..

  2. #132
    spunkybunny Guest
    How about Math just release the keys as he said he has them. Oh, he's a prick, I forgot...

    If I knew how to get the keys I would release them.

  3. #133
    mrgreaper Guest
    He cant, he doesn't have it.

    look at every time some thing is hinted at being possible, he comes along and says "yes its possible i have done it, but i wont tell you as it could lead to piracy" (even in the case of things like QA flagging that doesnt even lead to us using our retail copies let alone piracy)

    then when something comes out iits always "yep thats the method i used months ago" or if something is released with out hints to it prior "I knew this method and told others it im disapointed they leaked it" its growing old fast. the ps3 scene is dead we have to admit it so many false hopes.

    but qa flaging!! nope leads nowhere, demon guys new firmware allows new games to run!! wasnt that due for release in october? oh well. dual nands!! ok that sounds cool but what happened to it? true blue!! nope it uses debug eboots metldr exploit!!! that apparently is old news and of no use but i seen this video on youtube!!! its fake... and on and on and on. face it guys time to go to ofw, sony win we lose.

    oh and i'm sure some one will say "you have to decide between homebrew + linux or games its one or the other as it should be update to 3.21 for the latest games or stay back for other os"... oh sorry no that was when sony did that and everyone was in an outrage... i mean some one will say "you have to decide between homebrew + linux or games its one or the other as it should be update to 3.73 for the latest games or stay back for other os"

  4. #134
    jfmartins Guest
    Ok Ladies & Gents & all the others... Here's my 2 cents to the scene :

    Hold to your chairs.... I know from a pretty good source that the team behind the recent discovery of the 3.6+ keys is a team by the name A.I.A. and the main coder in the team is... you won't believe it... his name is : Karl Pilkington

    That's right . I couldn't believe myself but its already confirmed in the ususal IRC/tweet/forum scene by his fellow mates in the team Ricky and Steve. Well and they've already released the keys to the public, so lets catch them

  5. #135
    Bartholomy Guest
    Uhm, no. It's slow, it's under control of Dev elite, it's a mirage. Just don't lose the hope some of them will just release something as anonymous again. Be ready to see a Math post about how trash is the scene, and full of traitors obiouvsly, if happens

    Where, sorry.

  6. #136
    jfmartins Guest
    Well, i am in the mood today so i will tell you : go to this site google.com and seach and you will find is team and a show that was aired by sky1 IN HD.... and you have to watch all the episodes and specially the last one from season 2... I'm still laughing after 2 hours... is it that easy ?? it only took him 14 secs.. and we are here waiting for months.

  7. #137
    djdavedoc Guest
    My god what drama this scene generates! Now i'm not going to slate Math or anyone who hasn't released stuff for the PS3. They have their reasons. I understand people's frustrations that they want to play newer games without updating (Not all of us are pirates in this world!).

    If I knew a damn thing about how the PS3 worked and had a damn clue where to start with all this info I would give it a go and try and make something happen with my PS3. Unfortunately like a lot of people here I have no clue. I am waiting for another dev to step up, who can remain anonymous and release some good stuff so I can go back to playing the latest games and keeping emulators.

  8. #138
    jfmartins Guest
    Well no offense to anyone , i am trying to get things more happier in this post/drama/whatever and this guy is the coolest IDIOT but yet with some points for sure LOL We are getting there and math even "helpeded" a little so why the drama ??? hoo i want that car... so go work and earn money to buy one or play the lotto and hope for luck.

    Happy thoughts bring happy things.

  9. #139
    moja Guest
    Isn't Math the one who said 'Goodbye scene, forever?' That was fast..

  10. #140
    Bartholomy Guest
    Hahahahahah! Thanks a lot! I never saw his show, i saw ep.8 season 2, i'm still laughing. I was needing it, amazing. When he was eating that fish in japan i was fainting , i swear.

    Sorry for this OT guys

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