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    mafiakid96 Guest


    i have no idea, but it's not photoshopped. Try this for yourself:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Save in notepad as breakself.bat in the directory d:\cech\3.73 and then type "breakself -d lv0 lv0.elf" and you will get the same thing.

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    xynuerz Guest
    404 maybe you're right, but now tell me why it is not possible to calculate the key? they never have change the Bootldr and never have change the metldr and they have only have put all the ldr eq app iso lv2 etc into lv0 and i don't think they have change the way to calculate the key's but i say your right i not have the experience to code like you.

    and i remember that we have all signed files based on the key from OmG OMG OMG you know how i mean.

    but one i will say let the time and future let us see.

  3. #103
    spunkybunny Guest
    I don't care if there is a 3.6+ CFW. I just want a way to play the 3.6+ games on CFW. I agree that a CFW PS3 should not get on PSN. You have a choice, either upgrade to OFW and have PSN or have backups. It's your choice and thats the way it should be. That way you keep the $ony happy and the hackers happy, everyone wins.

    What the scene needs are some good devs that actually release stuff and actually help. This latest release isn't for us its for other devs so its totally useless to the normal users.

    Devs, if you want to help out the scene instead of being like Math then release a patch so we can play newer games. Either a program to patch the eboot.bin or a patch for CFW to play them without editing the eboot.bin. Thats all thats needed to keep the people that play backups happy which is 98% of us. 1% are still on 3.15 as they use Linux and the other 1% are the prick devs like Math and holding back everything keeping the scene stagnant.

    $ony aren't that stupid to keep suing people. IF your too scared of $ony then email me the keys and I'll gladly release them and guess what, they wont sue me. I'm not scared of a bully like $ony and I'm not a prick like Math.

  4. #104
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    My guess, is that when the 3.73 eboot fixes arrive, Sony would force 3.80 Update (as always), implementing in 3.80 SDK some "3.80-exclusive functions", just to check whether user is not on 3.55.

    Something like this routine (names are made-up):

    if cellPS3380_exclusive_function()=ErrNotFound then lv1_panic();
    I think, eboot fixes will work for sometime, but new CFW is imminent, or the solution like it is on PROMETHEUS CFW on PSP

  5. #105
    spunkybunny Guest
    It doesn't matter if they release a new OFW as nobody is on that as CFW is only 3.55. If you spoof to 9.90 your CFW doesn't care either.

    If they bring out a 3.80 firmware with new keys then all we need are those keys but thats not going to be for ages. Think about it, just about all the updates $ony release are 3.60. The new games are 3.73 firmware but they also release 0-day updates which are 3.60 so all we really need are the 3.60 keys till at the earliest next year.

    If we keep our CFW below the current OFW that won't get $ony too pissed off as that still means a CFW cant get on PSN. Thats just more loss for them in my eyes. Think about it, the more people on PSN the more sales. If they want to limit the people on PSN then its their loss.

    Just as long as we can play the new games thats a win for the PS3 scene but with the current devs we are losing. As someone said the other day "You dont get this kind of crap in other scenes, only the PS3 scene"

  6. #106
    soczi Guest
    Nothing stays hidden forever. Although he may claim he will not publish the keys, but they will become public one way or another.

    I do believe this is a good day. I do not think it is fake. Math may be doing this for attention but I doubt he would post BS just for that. The exploit was not a fake so he is good for his words. PS3 is cracked and everything will go public sooner or later. I do hope there will be no 3.72 CFW. I don't want to see pirates on the PSN and Sony making their own ban-hammer-time. 3.70 CFW? Excellent. 3.6x eboot fixes for 3.55? Great, can't wait to grab those.

    Awaiting further breakthroughs. Gratz to the devs responsible and awaiting the thing to go public.

  7. #107
    medi01 Guest
    Guys, enlighten the newb please, what is that "cex => dex" thing? PS2 games support?

  8. #108
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Basically a follow-up on the PS3 CEX to DEX Kit, which when complete will allow end-users to convert Retail PS3 consoles to full Debug (Developer) units.

  9. #109
    medi01 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xynuerz View Post
    404 maybe you're right, but now tell me why it is not possible to calculate the key?
    Because leaking private key is an epic fail, only Sony has "achieved" that so far and it was caused by very incompetent crypto, which is now fixed.

  10. #110
    404 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by medi01 View Post
    Because leaking private key is an epic fail, only Sony has "achieved" that so far and it was caused by very incompetent crypto, which is now fixed.
    The random number is really random now.....

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