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  1. #91
    Bartholomy Guest
    I'm interested on your views, my friend. spunkybunny too, because heavily interested on keys just public. Don't you think Devs are just holding them, because they don't want to destroy Sony? I mean, if we get full access, and able to make a 3.73CFW, a 3.80 when released, forever, playing online with backups, don't you think maybe Sony instead of sue (it's too late, ps3 is gone) will just close PSN and the entire ps3 project, not releasing any more game, waiting the ps4 project?

    This is IMHO the only real reason because Math, BrandonW and others just help and guide us, but noone of them give us a simple pkg for get keys and a windows (LINUX! ) tool for create our homemade 3.73CFW, going online with our HDD backup. I truly want full access on our ps3, but same time, i'm scared on how Sony could react, when our console will be just an electronic equipment for play nextgen games online for free. What do you think, guys?

  2. #92
    B4rtj4h Guest
    I see... an update from Sony within 2 weeks. Nice work guys

  3. #93
    404 Guest
    Sony like's to make money. Their are still people buying psp's and psp game's even though the psp is now an open system, they still make PLENTY $ off it. Even if we produce a 3.6+ cfw it's still viable for sony to release new game's.Look every ps2 ever released can be hacked and they released game's up until very recently... Sure there is a loss in revenue but it was still a very profitable venture.... But i would expect another wave of dmca's (Mabye?), Also b4rtj4h afaik this can't be fixed with a soft update....

  4. #94
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I agree with 404, also I have to add if the PS2 wasn't hacked I probably would have never bought it. Sometimes when a console is completely open it helps the sales a bit.

  5. #95
    xynuerz Guest
    Bartholomy i don't think so, i think there is going to another way i think the guy how will find all this keys will go an resign the lv2diag.self to downgrade all 3.6x ps3's and i don't think there will come a 3.6x CFW.

  6. #96
    404 Guest
    xynuerz how are you going to sign the lv2diag for 3.6+ when you cant calc new key's -.-

  7. #97
    Bartholomy Guest
    I see. So you think release could means just sign stuff, still on 3.55, finding a downgrade method too? Maybe true. And maybe was right moogle, saying the dev's lobby is politic and sad attitude, not releasing neither a tiny leak, on purpose.

    Wonder why, if anonymous methods exists, and like 404 said, Sony will not be so much damaged. Maybe JB2 business is the real answer, and dev are alerted to keep everything secret so all of us will buy this dongle, then on 2012, for christmas, homework sign will be released? If this is the scene, oh my..

  8. #98
    404 Guest
    Jb2 is just bs fself's we have been over this already, but as far as getting the 3.70 lv2diag and resigning it how are you going to do that for 3.70 firmware when you need the pkey that cant be calced anymore...... I think a valid idea for new game's is fself (Without trueblue) and other than that we should work on cex->dex, breakself and the bootldr exploit.

  9. #99
    xynuerz Guest
    404 at the moment there is no key bit if someone calculate one an if able to sign 3.6x stuff then i say there will be first come the way to downgrade.

    Bartholomy the scene is so, look the begin with he first JB -> psgroove follow by the psjb ->psgrade -> Geohot updatepup -> Wanin V1 and all other CFW base on Geohot work then it comes progskeet-> E3-flasher now we are on a new point.

    Someone with the money and tech to invest in this project will to something like the JB2 maybe there come a patched FW 3.6x and a stick to downgrade all people how stuck on a 3.6x are going and buy this new USB to downgrade the FW and go back to 3.55

    If you look to the progskeet PMN or E3 flasher is not easy to install E3 only easy on NOR with clip progskeet may have many problem with the hardware.. so the point is first comes the new investigation then come the opensource scene.

  10. #100
    Bartholomy Guest

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