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Thread: PS3 Memory Dump HTAB and PTE Tools Available

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    JesusFMA Guest
    Interesting tool, let's see what can do it with dump now that it's easier to read.


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    titanmkd Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TUHTA View Post
    Well FIRST GREAT WORK INDEED MAN! titanmkd +Rep to you man!

    Second well what cool we can do with it?
    For the moment it is just a part of the puzzle, but soon when other piece of puzzle will come it will be useful.

    The HTAB is is where virtual to real addr is mapped and it is very important to know details about internal mapping translation (to write hypervisor code which is in real addr mode).

    Best Regards


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    cryxtal Guest
    hey is that ps3 to pc ??

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