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    Jomomma76 Guest
    How hard would it be to modify a system to work with ad hoc wifi. Is this even possible? I use MyWi for the Iphone to get my PC online, would be cool for a developer to find a way make the PS3 to recognize it!

  2. #12
    enotsleachim Guest
    wow, can't wait to check this out.. will be watching this thread.

  3. #13
    aries2k6 Guest
    It would be great to see this happen. This is a homebrew the ps3 is needing.

    Bets of luck to the guys involved.

  4. #14
    dinzy Guest
    Great. I don't care about NTFS support, I want Samba support like XBMC.

  5. #15
    isotrex Guest
    Well, it's about time to have the ps3's own media center. I love XBMC and WiiMC. Now, hell yeah, it's PS3 MC. I can't wait for the beta release on this one.

  6. #16
    daveshooter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dinzy View Post
    Great. I don't care about NTFS support, I want Samba support like XBMC.
    I'm with you on that one M8, if I remember, we never had NTFS, only fat32 and that didn't matter as we had full network connections, to anything on the network and I mean anything, so there was no real need at the time to connect usb drives because the Xbox1 was fussy at that time on what drives it mounted, and you needed to make a usb lead out of a Xbox1 controller lead, as you would know being an Xbox1 user.

    I would be very surprised if it does have that functionality. I'd love it if it does tho.

  7. #17
    ultimatek Guest
    please add .srt and other subtittles format support for the ps3..

  8. #18
    lebanongov Guest
    this is even better then running backup games.

  9. #19
    cooldudechan Guest
    Can't wait for NTFS and .srt support...

  10. #20
    danny19901 Guest
    nice mkv support awsome ps3 should of supported it a long time ago since my nintendo wii does but only with homebrew.

    i know what would be good a media program that has same support as vlc player for pc.

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