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Thread: PS3 MAME Arcade Game Emulator GameOS Port is Released

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    SonicASD Guest
    Don't even know what "MAME" even is. It is good to know that the scene still goes on forward.

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    Jonaloysius Guest
    I love these games and your post has made me smile thinking about how in two days time i can view and download the emulator..

    I think it stands for Multi Arcade Machine Emulator.

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    tms1643 Guest
    Nothing is as awesome as playing arcade games in your living room. I remember dropping many a quarter into these machines.

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    tys0n Guest
    Great Work!

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    jf1001 Guest
    sweet, brings back memories

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    repania Guest
    great work

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    ThePrates Guest
    I'm testing on my ps3... I was looking for that a long time

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    loth77 Guest
    very interesting! thank you

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    RoRoD Guest
    Is there a compatible/not compatible game list ?

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    slyd3r Guest
    This is awesome, thank you.

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