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    hunterrr Guest
    yah i have about 4 different decrypted ELF files. I think they are all SPRX files actually it has a lot of information of plugins. I've also got a gamesave decrypted i recongized it because they are the same on xbox which arent encrypted i had no clue how powerfull this little tool is.

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    pip1 Guest
    If this is true it's very good to hear that sony can downgrade to anything so no e-fuses or atleast resettable e-fuses.

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    RexVF5 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Actually, at least game executables, yes - used to do it all the time, years ago, pre-2.20 firmware on a debug box

    The "harder" part is dumping them now, but with LV2 access it should not be too much of a problem for someone to do
    Looking through LV2 dump I couldn't find any ELF header (I am not expert in this but use Linux as my main OS so there is something to compare to) nor any .text or .rodata indicating segments...

    Another question based on what you wrote: how would you dump a game now? How to run LV2 dumper when actually in-game? Or you'd terminate the game, dump the memory and hope it didn't get overwritten in the meantime?

    One off-topic question if I may: is it possible to create a program (using Sony's SDK) that would run in the background? People asked for background FTP daemon but background memory dumper would be more useful I think. Or background memory patcher...

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    Skevast Guest
    What i would love would be a totally unrestricted Other OS support for the slims and the Fat ones to ofcourse. The Other OS support Sony offered was so restricted you could hardly run an avi file in Linux. You maybe could do some internet browsing or some text documet editing but that was it.

    The CPU and GPU was totally locked. I fugured the Other OS support was totally symbolic so hackers wouldn't attemt to hack it for linux support since it already was there, symbolicly or not, sony was affraid that someone would thanks to the liberty they already gave them would use the symbolical linux support to further hack the console. They thought wrong, the symbolical gesture was the only reason hackers had to leave the PS 3 alone. As soon they took away the other OS support hackers saw trough Sonys "EVIL" Ways and hacked the PS 3 totally without the Other OS help waht so ever.

    I myself never cared for the games I had 2 XBox 1 and I used them exclusivelly for the media support in XBMC which now works in windows Mac OS and even Linux. I remember trying to play MKV files on the XBMC i installed in the PS 3 Other OS Linux Partition, it was a joke, playing avi was also a joke since the Linux needed all the CPU/GPU Power sony was so kind to share with other OS. All the restrictions made it better to install Linux on a 486 CPU computer then on a PS 3 with it's amazing multithreaded Cell Processor.

    Thanks to this new Hack i Hope Other OS comes back with all of the PS 3's power for it's dispossal, no more restrictions were they aren't needed. If PS3 opened up all it's hardware for other OS from the beginning Nobody would even know what a HTPC is and they would sell 10 times the amount of consoles they have sold. They would kicked boath Wii and Xbox 360 out of the market and Media Players Like TViX 6XXX or popcorn hour wouldn't even been invented.

    People would stream their 720p/1080p trough PS 3's WIFI and The Blu Ray media Inudustry wouldn't sell one movie less of what they have sold today. And people with all the movies already on DVD wouldn't need to be peaced to buy every movie again in Blu Ray and get scrued royally again after they threw away their VHS/Beta collection, some even bought houndreds of titles of Laser Disks inbetween whitch was going to be the next big thing but failed misserably. I Myself am glad I missed the Laser Disk mania. I save thousands of dollars.

    When are the Hollywood lawyers going to make up their mind? Are we paying for the information on the media or the media itself. They really like to have it boath ways as the thieves they are. I have already payed for almost every movie past 1998 since I had almost 2 thousand original movies in VHS. That means I own the rights to them to or not?

    Like every one else they would like to sell you the same thing 3-4 or maybe even 5 times. I call it stealing, it's morally wrong so they try to make new laws by briding politicians to teach us that stealing is right when it's by big cooperations like the film industry. And when we download a movie in a better quality then our own old VHS which we can't watch anymore since the VHS Player gave up years ago and a working one would cost more then the best Blu Ray Player since it's a museum object and the factorys that was making parts for our VHS Player closed down years ago or started making something new, even if the part were available the working cost would be more then 3 New DVD players.

    However if we take the easy way out and download the movie we already own then we are the thieves and get harsher punishemt then pedophiles or rapists. Ever heard a rape victim getting 20 millions for their pain? this numbers are very commen when payed of judges and prosecutors go after ordinary people, familys with children. I don't give a shit about laws that even my priest think is bullshit. I am quite sure Holywood will try to pay of the vatican to put the necessery changes in the bible. They will try to make it the first comendment. You shall not download any 1's & 0's of the internet, no matter if you already payed for the same 1's & 0's once. You will go to heaven if you pay over and over for the same thing.

    Especially if you make the shareholders happy and the CO's get fat bonuses so they can buy your house really cheap and you can live in a tent in a junkyard as long you pay alot of money for the extra smell and the comfort that you can sleep along alot of garbage that makes you warm those cold nights. Nothing heats as good as rotting food and the smell is to die for literally.

    No more irony: Just hope Other OS comes back with a bang and XBMC support and I will throw away all mediaplayer crap I don't need...

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