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    Apr 2005

    PS3 LV2Dump v0.7a Released, Dump PS3 LV2 GameOS Now!

    Today CJPC has assisted blackb0x with their latest release, dubbed PS3 LV2Dump v0.7a which enables PSGroove users to finally dump the PS3 LV2 GameOS for examination, followed shortly by a PS3 LV2 Dump for those interested to examine!

    Download: PS3 LV2Dump v0.7a

    Previously JaicraB with TeamHades dumped the PS3 hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) and revealed how it was done, however, the dump was not clean and so work resumed until today.

    To quote from the included ReadMe file: "This application will dump all accessible LV2 memory on a jailbroken retail PS3.

    To run this app, place lv2dump_07a.pkg on a usb memory stick. Install the pkg. Then run LV2Dump from the XMB. It should run for approximately 20-30 seconds, then it will exit back to the XMB. There will now be a file named LV2.BIN in the folder /dev_hdd0/game/

    You can access your dump by copying the file out with your own code, or the FTP application.

    Before attempting another dump, delete the LV2.BIN that is in /dev_hdd0/game/ as the next dump will append to the file if it exists.

    The dump is right around 8MB - which will let you take a look at the PS3's kernel.

    Expect more tools from us in the future for the PS3."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    lazybuntu Guest
    Get the hackers some more cheetos and energy drinks! Need a way to jailbreak on 3.42 or a way to get around the mandatory update that hasn't been patched!

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    ramensama Guest
    Much more exciting than yet another clone announcement!

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    red8316 Guest
    Woot, thanks CJPC & blackb0x!! Things are heating up around here, I'll be dumping mine tonight :-)

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    BwE Guest
    yes this is indeed wicked, but what can us average joes do with such .bin files?

    and what can YOU do with it? WHAT IS THE POWER WE POSSESS ?!


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    0mnigeek Guest
    Much more exciting than another "I'm working on this and one day I might have code" announcement. This will help the core devs which are not gonna announce until they have something working maybe even tested too.

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    Apr 2005
    Definitely, many Devs have been waiting to begin examining/reversing LV2 to find more holes since GeoHot first announced it was done via METLDR. Very cool news indeed, and I'm sure it will kick the PS3 scene up yet another notch.

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    mx3 Guest
    WOW great news , hopefully they are working on a way to make jailbreak work on 3.42 and newer firmware..

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    ModderFokker Guest

    Big Grin

    OMFG !!!.....excuse the language

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    cusy214 Guest
    is there a LV3 LOL, is this clean by the way, i remember someone posted a lv2 but it was not clean.

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