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Thread: PS3 LV2 Loader, METLDR, Application Keys and SHA1 Hashes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherpya View Post
    they are both uint8_t, I think you lost a char while copy/paste, tested on ps2_emu.self and worked fine.

    I always get 'Bad file structure or read error (line 2953). Continue?' and other random warn on ida 6.
    thanks- yes that was a cut paste error, i have it right in the source.

    the problem was i was using ibm sdk. i swiched over to ps3toolbox and it works fine now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    also people don't flame geohot because his work is rubbish, they flame him because he's an arrogant douche.
    geohot got flamed from people because he didnt wanted to share his complete progress with the world. which was indeed right!

    i'm pretty sure, everything what happend now to the community and the ps3. was a reaction of geohots work and the reaction from sony about it.

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