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Thread: PS3 LV2 Kernel Peek/Poke Patched, Backup Managers and CFW!

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    crud26 Guest
    Geohot, did not put any "crap" in Lv2. He actually was warning people not to patch Lv2 because he knew of the security that Sony placed in Lv2 with firmware 3.52. Hence the reason he states OMG do not patch Lv2.

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    doorman Guest
    Why are the devs mucking with the firmware if we have signing keys? Is it just to allow loading from USB devices?

    If we have the signing keys, can't we just use OFW and sign the games or apps? I realize loading from USB is another step entirely.

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    stinky1978 Guest
    We already have people sitting around messing with eboots to make them boot up. The problem is it is not really a simple setup. We have to wait for someone else to do the work, or figure out how to do it ourselves.

    If we can get a system that allows us to drop unmodified files somewhere then I think it is better. At the end of the day I would love to have the games just show up in XMB like on PSP. That way we can just run them right from there. For now though I will not be picky.

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    doorman Guest
    Geohot didn't put anything IN lv2, everyone is misunderstanding what he said. He was talking about it being dangerous to patch lv2 on 3.55 because SONY put a check in there which is what's causing the issue.

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    dbagr Guest
    Hello Guys, I installed successfully the 3.55 Patched firmware, but the installation of GeoHot jb fails. I have a PS3 FAT.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Apr 2005
    I have updated the first post and added a new download link for those who wanted the pre-modded PUP file. That said, for the time being I'm closing this thread... see the update HERE for why.

    As always, if/when new progress is made we will reopen this thread up.

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