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Thread: PS3 LV2 Kernel Peek/Poke Patched, Backup Managers and CFW!

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    skribblenauts Guest
    I renamed the peek / poke patch cfw 3.55 to PSUPDAT.PUP, installed it, then removed it from my PS3/UPDATES folder on the USB and moved Geohot's over and reinstalled geohot's cfw 3.55. worked fine.

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    crazelunatic Guest
    It asks to connect a mini-usb adapter from the controller to usb port on the ps3 but for anyone asking how to install peek poke cfw from 3.55 or geohot's jb cfw just go into recovery mode with peek poke cfw and install from there. Then just install geohot's from the xmb. I can confirm that open manager will freeze everytime you try to run it and multiman works but will not launch any game you decide to rip to the hdd.

    Whether you choose to launch directly from multiman or launch from the xmb with a blu ray game inside, nothing ripped to the hdd will launch (for now). Backup manager 1.1 wont even install so unless its updated to run on 3.55 don't even bother with it.

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    brewman Guest


    what about loading backups from external hdd still no luck or what?

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    ichibaka Guest
    I think 3.55 has a different syscall table than 3.41 and the previous BM's used the address value from the payloads to know where to redirect the games, so the devs need to update their BM's to work with the new address of 3.55.

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    THCIV Guest
    if that were true there would be a backup manager for every firmware from 2.85 to 3.41 and there's not. the jailbreak payload does more work than people want to give it credit for.

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    GohanX Guest
    No, Sony just started using checks for people peek'ing/poke'ing and it's not working anymore. So yes you can peek/poke with this pup, but it will just freeze the ps3 when the ps3 realizes you're trying to mess with it.

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    bubbadk Guest
    i know that mdf should match, and it does with the US PUP file. but it doesn't match with the EU PUP version. what do i do then ?!

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    lorddusk Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bubbadk View Post
    i know that mdf should match, and it does with the US PUP file. but it doesn't match with the EU PUP version. what do i do then ?!?!?!
    It should match with the EU version, because i used it and it gave the same md5 hash back after the patch...

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    mindfreak Guest
    Everything went ok. Installed it and then GH 3.55. Just wanna clear one thing.

    MULTIMAN is ready for 3.55 but needs lv2 patching. This is what is written.

    But this Peek/Poke patches syscalls right ? So multiman should work.

    Please clarify if you can.

    Thank You

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    crud26 Guest
    Hey Guys , Fluke 1 confirmed that there is a problem with this patch, the problem stems from patching LV2.They should be releasing a patch tp LV1 later today. In the meantime do not use this patch; it's buggy as hell!!

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