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  1. #11
    FMAranda Guest
    I never had any issues with PL3.

  2. #12
    atlask2 Guest
    i prefer dont try this pup , it's too dangerous ! I'll test the pkg signed method.

  3. #13
    lordfenixnc Guest
    Nice job. I look forward to seeing a cfw with everything ready for open manager with back up support.

  4. #14
    FMAranda Guest
    There is nothing dangerous with this .pup, the difference is that it has its lv2 patched to enable peek and poke syscalls, that's it, it will not explode your console. You WILL need to use it if you want to play your backups in the future.

  5. #15
    R3b0rn Guest
    Oh common, the things we did with the first PSgroove rls and then the peek/poke syscalls. Then came Hermes and PL3 they all at one point had peek/poke so this is no different then running a old Jailbreak hex on ur dongle...

    Besides, just having peek/poke ability doesnt brick your console unless u start tinkering with it, cuz todays backupmanagers doesnt peek or poke anymore...

  6. #16
    FMAranda Guest
    Simple, if you use some game manager (Open Manager, multiMAN, GAIA, ...) to play your games, do not update to this .pup or any other fw that is not the 3.41.

    The 3.55 is "new" to jailbreak, you can't load backups with it, only homebrews which does not need specials syscalls that are only available with the use of some payload (like PL3 or Hermes).

  7. #17
    1000cleverlines Guest
    so if i have geohot's jb already installed. i need to go back to ofw to do this?

  8. #18
    R3b0rn Guest
    So let me get this straight, they have only enabled Syscall 6 and 7? Why not enable all syscalls?

    With just 6 and 7 no manager will run... Or have i missunderstood something?

  9. #19
    1000cleverlines Guest
    i just used a patched update file to install this and reinstalled geohot's jb over it (originally just had geohot's jb). everything seems to work the same. can't wait for a back up manager to update...

  10. #20
    tjay17 Guest
    Nice now all that is needed is a manager that uses these.

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