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Thread: PS3 LV0 Keys Leaked: 4.21, 4.25 and 4.30 CFW Updates Incoming

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    kira30 Guest
    can we get the vita keys with this ?

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    elser1 Guest
    so does this mean sony can't ever have a non cfw fw again if you have the older ps3s with the original lvl 0 keys? i hope someone will answer just so we all can know. cheers!!

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    lzyslckr Guest
    I'm gonna wait a few days for improvements since I have only one ps3 and no flasher.

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    HAVOK7 Guest
    LV0 legit, me don't need new CFW, sticking with kmeaw 3.55 and waits new eboot fixes or tools so i can do it myself, new cfw overrated

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    kyubey Guest
    i will wait eboot fix in 3.55 instead of changing my CFW to 4.xx

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    But we don't need new CFW, do we? We just need new Eboots. DUPLEX and N0DRM should be releasing EBOOTS RIGHT NOW, I find it weird they haven't shown up yet.

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    jedaking Guest
    You don't need at new CFW..

    but if a soft downgrade solution comes along, it will also be nice!

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    StanSmith Guest
    We dont need to wait for Duplex or N0DRM to release fixes, we need an app to do it ourselves. I got a few that do it for pre 3.55 and one that sort of fixes some 3.60 but we need a fully working one that will fix all eboots old, current and future.

    The problem I have is I cant decrypt the eboots, thats it. As soon as I can decrypt any eboot I can use older programs to convert or encrypt for 3.55. All we really need is an eboot decrypter that works for any EBOOT and ELF/SELF files. Any other files that need to be decrypted to run games? PRX I think? Whatever, a file decrypter will do the trick.

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    G Sus Guest
    4.30 cfw, it'll be a long time before i need that, thanks to rogero i've got about 2 years worth of gameplay ahead of me already.

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    i have OFW 4.25, am i good to go with CFW without downgrading?

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