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    They are legit , they have been tested.

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    the leaked keys this time are legit.

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    Dec 2010
    Implemented this in scetool. But you can "only" decrypt lv0.self with those keys?


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    Sep 2010
    sorry about that

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    So.. there will be a dex 4.21 CFW??

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    Feb 2012
    this is great to hear. BUT I still doubt a CFW above 3.55 will come out. This is great as we can now make all the patches we want for 3.55.

    I spoke too soon again. Looks like you still can't do much with these keys as I still can't decrypt 4.25 eboots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luci ferson View Post
    problem for any 4.25 user is delivery system for a cfw, fw above 3.55 dont have the option to update from usb
    i'm on 4.25 and you can still update via usb storage device from both XMB and system restore

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    Oct 2010
    good news!! thanks

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    np, just hate the fact that i had just given up on waiting for a CFW few days ago and updated to 4.25 and bam today this gets released hoping that 4.25 can still update via usb will be nice if someone possibly gets 4.25 cfw going ><

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    You need the static keys (per_console_key) to be able just to put it on your USB and install it without any prior modification you made.

    Unless it is properly exploited everything will be from 3.55 >.<

Closed Thread
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