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    Uhm.. for what i know the lv0 key is a static key and stored in BL. From that point of few... there is no 2.xx, 3.xx, 4.xx or any other fw based lv0 key. Fake.

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    If someone could cough up the riv/pub to go with this we can get something started for sure

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    Hi , if the pub/ctype is used only for signing isn't the erk / riv enough to decrypt the lv0/lv1 ? Or am i missing something ?

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    OK, I did get a reply just now from anonymous via e-mail stating the following, to quote:

    "sorry for late response... been working alot. i am currently checking for riv pub priv ctype. currently doesnt appear that lv0 hosts those keys however lv1 seems to host most of them. after some verif ill email you my results.


    So I guess we will await further word... at least we got a reply I suppose vs none at all.

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    can someone post some documentation links etc on how all this works so I can learn and help?

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    ps3 dev wiki has all the info you need.

    a response is pretty good, hopefully it's not just for show and we get something in the coming days.

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    I'm very impressed you got a response. Lets cross fingers for another response...

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    thats not true, all keys are inside lv0 also he wont calulate the private key since sony fixed the sign fail bug in 3.60, guess he was trolling

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    can you recommend any good links where I can start researching. You would save me a lot of time. thanks interesting

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    not really cause i don't know this stuff at all

Closed Thread
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