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  1. #21
    amareladex Guest
    another fake for sure

  2. #22
    G Sus Guest
    wouldn't the 4.25 lv0 and lv1 keys be useless anyway, without the actual keys for 4.25 how you gonna extract the lv0 and lv1 files anyway.

  3. #23
    technodon Guest
    if you can decrypt lv0 all the keys should be in there, sony made changes in firmware 3.60 they took appldr and other loaders and placed them inside lv0. so decrypt that and we should beable to get keys to decrypt everything

  4. #24
    nathanr3269 Guest
    Need more keys for test if is real or not, this key is the erk, need two more, riv and pub

    With only one can't test it


  5. #25
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Oh well, but are you saying that F4 A4 24 EF 99 A9 E3 3D 01 B5 B6 8F 81 9E F0 A3 0F 5C FD CD 2B C6 54 D3 47 F0 5B 32 C3 24 99 36 is not fake?

  6. #26
    palkounairina Guest
    Hi do you have any good link for a documentation explaining the notion of erk / riv / pub and curve type and how it works with the spu. Thanks

  7. #27
    nathanr3269 Guest
    I can't say that is fake, probably is legit that erk key, but the other two are missing, so without the other two can't say that key is fake


  8. #28
    technodon Guest
    here is the core_OS from 4.25 if anyone wants to try and decrypt lv0 or lv1 with this key?


  9. #29
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    It's been about 10 hours since I mailed the anonymous source asking about the other values and no reply back yet.. will give it until tomorrow though before losing hope.

  10. #30
    pinoytechno Guest
    thanks ps3 news please update us thanks, need more pray for this 4.25

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