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    Nice. Thank you for this. Now let me play around and see what i can mess up now.

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    thank you aldostools

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    Good morning, I think it failed on the slim. We are working on this, or else it has stopped working? Rumor has it takes a private key that is not in the console

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    LV0 Loader (Extractor/Injector)

    I decided I would make a tool to extract and inject the loaders of lv0. Should be useful for some people.

    Download:!ONV0yAib!PW1SMQ...isuQEFRSKM4DEc /

    Here's the source:

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    I have also added it to the main article for those keeping track. Thanks and +Rep Gunner54.

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    So do these work with Cheat Enabler?

    Never mind, I figured it out.

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    Where can you get the most recent PS3 keys?

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    You can try the Our MFW 1.0.0 Build Update here which may be of use:

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    thank you.

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