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    G Sus Guest
    i believe that now all keys are known , it means you could technically make a cfw that could be installed on any ps3 ofw. however. its not really as simple as that. the keys only mean you can decrypt it all. it dont mean you will understand what your seing or even be able to find a flaw or weakness in it. (per console keys)

    What it effectively means is now that it can all be decrypted there is the possibility that someone will find out how the fw and ps3 gos about the verification of per console keys etc. and then copy the process, and make a new cfw that will update on ofw above 3.55.

    it don't mean it will happen , it just means it could be possible if someone is smart enough to work it out. or at least thats how i understood it, ive been wrong before though. what is more likely is. now you'll just get a 4.31 cfw that installs only on 3.55 or below.

    I bet theres a hell of a lot of code to read for devs. look how many files theyve been given access too in just a few months. The PS3s life will have ended before anyone gets round to making cfw install above 3.55 ofw. I reckon the few people that probably could do it aint even working on it, (they have no need) and the rest wouldn't know where to start.

    but like i say, I'm often wrong, and this is highly likely to be one of those times.

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    UrKoS Guest
    I hold hope for a 4.31 installable cfw.

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    G Sus Guest
    i'd keep hope too, theres always some up and coming smartass that looks at things differently or just spots something others have missed. 1 little thing can suddenly change the game completely. the algorithym used to calculate per console keys has to be hidden somewhere within the cfw, and all parts the fw is now readable. so its technically just a case of finding it and undestanding how to exploit it.

    sadly that don't just take a clever person, that takes a clever person that is actually interested in doing it, and not afraid of any consequences. for all we know it could have already been done.

    Hope is a great thing, its free and you can have as much of it as you want.

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    Maybe someone more experienced than me could help to clarify this thing.. It seems that zadow28 managed to find a lv2diag.self file signed with the 3.60/3.61 keys in the ps3tmgui program that was a part of the official SDK.

    If possible can someone tell me more about that?


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    G Sus Guest
    wouldnt that mean we could use FSM to install cfw and then use the new Lv2diag.self to get out of it, in fw 3.60 and above ?

    even if not the cfw, does this give us the possibility of a tool to get out of FSM ? above 3.55

  6. #216
    UrKoS Guest
    Wish i had found all this before upgrading to 4.31 grrrr

    Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2.

  7. #217
    Blade86 Guest
    There is even a 4.21 one. But without Hardware-flasher I dont dare to try it...

  8. #218
    G Sus Guest
    nah i wouldnt either, hopefully technodon will give it a wirl for us.

    i find being in FSM one of the most scarey moments of ps3. only thing that's ever been worse was flashing for cex to dex. and back again .

  9. #219
    zhigge Guest
    can't wait. things are getting interesting.. lets just hope they give up on security being so strict in the new system.. there is room for legal and illegal.

  10. #220
    SethPDA Guest
    I think this means good news for PS3 Slim 3k users if it is not fake. I really do think there are people who are willing to leak out information just to help people. I have a PS3 Slim 120GB serial CECH-3001A. Originally it came with 3.72 and I accidentally upgraded it to 4.31 which is the current one. I already know that my console cannot be downgraded to 3.55 to use CFW using the current methods.

    I hope someone will make some progress with this to help people like me

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