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    Well.. to be proper and simple. NOTHING.


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    I'm just waiting for when I don't have to downgrade to 3.55 to install a CFW. I miss my CFW but I don't want to have to downgrade to install it I just want to be able to install a CFW over the current OFW. Maybe one day...

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    Sep 2011
    Yeah the lv2diag files look like legit files but they don't work.

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    mMKeys v1.0 alpha + multiMAN [EBOOT_FIX] testing app-keys

    Hi. Some of my WIP and app key files for testing. Bye

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    what's different?

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    what about + april 2011 console hacking ?

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    I have 4.31 lv0 Keys.

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    bootldr keys to decrypt lv0 are the same for all firmwares.

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    Arrow PS3 4.31 isoldr and lv2ldr Keys Surface

    I have now added the the PS3 4.31 isoldr and lv2ldr keys from anonymous (via posted below to the main article as well for those following, hopefully with these final keys a PS3 MFWBuilder 4.31 update will arrive soon.

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Installable CFW 4.31 on OFW4.30- ? Or did I missunderstood it?

    Please could someone enlighten me what you can do with this two? And priv-key is still missing? Or Could we we "just" decrypt the 4.31 update and make a new 4.31cfw installable on 3.55?

    Thank you soo much

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