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    Apr 2005
    Yep, generally most stuff on YouTube is fake... we have a thread for YouTube (fake) stuff but this isn't it so let's try to keep focused here.

  2. #192
    Foo Guest
    Oi, I'm getting some reports that the lv2diag.421.self file is false. Awaiting confirmation from Euss.

  3. #193
    d3adliner Guest
    The file this PS3 Scener is talking about has a link posted on ModderExcess45's facebook page. I'd stay far away from it, the guys a known fake & I wouldn't doubt Ps3 Scener is a part of his little scam "dev team" along with the mini-me Jay Leno on crank kid in the YouTube video above.

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    Apr 2005
    This crapola? God I hate having to navigate away from PS3 News for stuff, maybe I'm just lazy

    From FB: Since I won't be able to 'play' with the PS3 the way I want for a little while, here's some work to fittle with. (Bricks on 4.30) Installs on 3.55 and below with SEN Access. (And PUBLIC Keys for decrypt are there)

    BS File: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kgb56cmepbnhalg

  5. #195
    kalberto Guest
    all decrypts is surface, but we are still need Duplex, Unsane, Propjoe and others to fix the problems inside the fixed.

    such as: the damn data save corrupted, no sound, etc

  6. #196
    mistarz Guest
    Hi guys.

    This lv2diag.421.self does nothing for me i tried it in several ways... So anyone got some results with it??


  7. #197
    shinji1982 Guest
    What i have read that the Lv2diag.421.self is fake and this is confirmed by eussNL.

  8. #198
    mistarz Guest
    Thx Shinji.


  9. #199
    fantopoulos Guest
    ya it is bananas everywhere people trying to be the grinch of xmas lol enjoy and wait for rebug, or a proper cfw fix cheers

  10. #200
    miki2o Guest
    What can we do with this PS3 Downgrade 3.60++ (Lv2diag.421.self) ? Thanks I haven't understood the IRC conversation...

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