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    Senior Member Foo's Avatar
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    Where you get this PS3 Downgrade 3.60++ (Lv2diag.421.self)?

    Like real talk O.O I'm interested in trying this but I don't know anything about it.

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    I added the IRC snippet on it to the main article now, doesn't go into any real details though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ps3scener View Post
    in regards to the keys and the fw updates coming, it is possible to create a 4.30 jailbreak that does not require 3.55 installation. i have some files to leak which could help a experienced dev team create the jailbreak that we are all waiting for. all i ask is for a reply.
    That would be excellent, but I'm sure you understand the skepticism when it's coming from someone who just joined the site today, whose first post is stating you have the thing everyone has been waiting for to make CFW over 3.56+ OFW possible, but in an hour since posting have yet to upload said file... not to mention that I don't really believe that a "PS3 Scener" would need to ask HOW to upload a file in the first place. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. But like I said, I'm sure you understand.

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    I've been here for a long time and I didn't know till he just said how to upload files here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ps3scener View Post
    how do i upload a file on here?
    Just upload them to rghost.net then post the link. Thats the easiest way.
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    Yeah these days most people just use free file-sharing sites, especially for larger files... I usually use uploadmirrors.com which uploads to a bunch of others automatically but almost of them any will do the trick as something like this would be remirrored a thousand times anyway.

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    So you guys are believing it? If the guy was so anxious to get it out there, it would have already been uploaded. Pretty sure the person knows how to upload to one of hundreds of file hosting sites, as was mentioned. It's been over an hour since they said "I have the file(s) necessary for installing CFW of 3.56+ OFW!!!" Sorry, but I don't buy it.

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    I'm a "glass is half full" (optimistic) kinda guy, and yeah I do believe it. Whether he ends up sharing or not remains to be seen, but here is to hoping he does do so publicly and not sell out to Max Louarn, Paul Owen or the Chinese so they can find a way to ReDRM it and cash in on the PS3 scene all over again... that's my biggest fear actually.

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    Haha. Yeah, that would be pretty bad. Maybe you're right and they've already been offered a nice amount for it. LoL.

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    I have to clear something up for the noobs... There will more than likely not be a CFW that will install above 3.55 for a very long time. That involves per_console_keys which we only know how to obtain approx 2/5 of them so if we can't get them then how do you think we could exploit them? Exactly.

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    PS3SCENER please upload this

    hey guys these might be legitimate PS3 4.30 KEYS!!

    [erk=CA7A24EC38BDB45B98CCD7D363EA2AF0C326E65081E063 0CB9AB2D215865878A]
    [pub=A8FD6DB24532D094EFA08CB41C9A72287D905C6B27B42B E4AB925AAF4AFFF34D41EEB54DD128700D]

    Maybe we will have a 4.30 jb after all.

    if found this on youtube is this a fake?
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