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    Hernaner28 Guest
    Well, come on now, chuchi chuchi, we want Worms Revolution fixed I would buy it, it's really cheap, but firstly I don't have PSN access, and secondly I don't own a credit card and PSN cards are expensive.

    Wouldn't you love drinking bear and playing it 4-player with friends?? Hmm yeah it sounds weird but it'd be cool .. lol

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    technodon Guest
    key works on 4.31 too, checked the psn passphrase and they are both the same

  3. #173
    Ps3scener Guest
    in regards to the keys and the fw updates coming, it is possible to create a 4.30 jailbreak that does not require 3.55 installation. i have some files to leak which could help a experienced dev team create the jailbreak that we are all waiting for. all i ask is for a reply.

  4. #174
    StanSmith Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by windrider42 View Post
    I have heard they are the real deal, and guys already fixed Borderlands 2 for 3.55
    Yep. They do work and I did patch Borderlands 2 to work in 3.55 myself.

  5. #175
    Foo Guest
    What is this downgrade thing I see?

  6. #176
    GotNoUsername Guest
    It is possible to create a CFW that can be installed on the non down gradable PS3's but y need a HW - Flasher to "install" it. But you will need good dev's for that ! There is nearly no chance in getting the private keys again Sony fixed their random number Problem after 3.55++. So Privat keys are calculated correctly and so we can't get them

  7. #177
    Ps3scener Guest
    i can send you the files but i wont say where i got them from... only one private key needs to be calcuated , and it needs to be signed and decrypted properly to avoid bricking installing on ofw 4.30

  8. #178
    kiwto Guest
    what you waiting for just released it and everyone will jump to work on it.

  9. #179
    Ps3scener Guest
    how do i upload a file on here?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    As long as it's under 50MB in size, click "Reply to Thread" then scroll down to "Manage Attachments" and browse to find it on your PC and attach it then submit the post and done!

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