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Thread: PS3 LV0 Keys Leaked: 4.21, 4.25 and 4.30 CFW Updates Incoming

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    miki2o Guest

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    tigereye Guest
    Thanks guys

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    amareladex Guest
    my question is , if someone plz can answer...all this means we going to have a new cfw ??? like we have in 3.55??? thanks

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    Blade86 Guest
    As far as I understood it right, everything can be decrypted now and "you" are able to do a CFW for all versions, BUT you need 3.55 to install on, because "you" canNOT sign the PUP higher than that... But this scene is moving sooo "damn" fast at the moment, you cant tell what happens next

    1 Thing) If you can get another "old" ps3, GET IT. the newest model is not "exploited" yet.


    [Plz correct me asap, i dont want to spread wrong infos]

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    G Sus Guest
    pretty much correct, but new keys are being found all the time and new parts of ps3 being opened. the 3.70 keys could possibly leed to being able to install on 3.70 consoles. who knows , only time will tell.

    who knows what weaknesses and exploits the devs could find.

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    amareladex Guest
    thanks ...

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    racer0018 Guest
    This is a good thing for the hobby and I am happy as a tester to see this. thanks

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Usually such things are posted all over forums and trashed for being BS daily, but who knows maybe someone is actually trying to help the PS3 scene instead of finding new ways to profit from it with unnecessary products to play the newer games.
    when you look at it on string it seems complex enough to be a key : $=\+TG[2$6

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    jhonny82 Guest
    Hello boys, confirm with scetool the keys 3.70 works with eboot 3.70 (test with The House of The Dead - Overkill - Extended Cut BLES01326) (not blus!) but not with games 3.66.. everyone post keys 3.66 for scetool?

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    jensen76 Guest
    those keys work also with 3.72/3.73/3.74 eboots... the appdrl is not chansing until 4.01

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