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  1. #91
    G Sus Guest
    nope it only works on 3.55 at moment

  2. #92
    mullac998 Guest
    When do you think a jb will come out for 4.25 ofw ?

  3. #93
    G Sus Guest
    its unlikey it will. if a jb arrived for ps3s on 4.25 suddenly 80% of ps3 owners would have jb ps3.

    there wouldn't be enough people buying games to keep the platform viable (sony would probably dump it)

    hope i'm wrong, but i don't think its likely anytime soon.

  4. #94
    Prince Valiant Guest
    They could always work on homebrew, instead of security vulnerabilities, if they don't want this kind of stuff to happen.

    I'll cruise on 3.41 until I've got a valid reason to update. An interesting step forward nonetheless.

  5. #95
    G Sus Guest
    the icing on the 4.21cfw cake is the fact it can be downgraded back to 3.55 nice and easy without hardware flasher.

    apparently lv0 was sonys last line of defense, with these keys all consoles regardless of model number or ofw can now be put onto or have a cfw made for them.

  6. #96
    ConsoleDev Guest
    You can "downgrade" from this because basically you are always on 3.55 (same HMAC key for every CFW/MFW)

  7. #97
    G Sus Guest
    great ain't it, its better than i ever expected.

  8. #98
    romba91 Guest
    good to see that!

  9. #99
    HomelessLink Guest
    Downgrading from 4.21-3.55?

    how? what do I have to have? or do? please help ...

  10. #100
    G Sus Guest
    at the moment you cant do much, downgrading needs to be done via hardware, hopefully thus will change soon

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