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    darksyde Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by THCIV View Post
    thats the thing, if there was a rsx driver there wouldn't need to be a ps3 port, there is already a ppc linux port which is just fine as thats all the ps3 is a ppc computer. the issue was otheros had a funny workaround for graphics and that caused a huge problem. that and a game os version would require a major rewrite.
    Apparently there are very few people out there that can actually accomplish this, even those of this group that are actually interested in the PS3 or XBMC can maybe be counted on one hand. This elusive xbmc port is very far away in my opinion.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Has anyone installed Linux on their PS3 3.41 or above yet? If so how are you finding it? Any feed back please.

    Also I was wondering, with Linux running on the PS3 with full hardware support some day, wouldn't XBMC work in that native install of Linux on the PS3 anyway? We know it worked well on the Xbox1 with Linux, it also works with Vista/win7, the iphone, ipod touch, and has a live distro thats boots on any computer using Linux.

    I understand the PS3 has more going on with the drivers and addressing, but once Linux is running would XBMC run using the Linux OS platform to communicate with the hardware, like it dose on all the other platforms XBMC works well on.

    So forgive my madness but I feel it will work without needing to be ported?, if the OS is working properly. Just a thought.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    One more update from xorloser from his blog: http://xorloser.com/?p=297&cpage=32#comment-3855
    I have disabled comments on this post to prevent people from posting anything contentious. I have stayed away from posting anything myself regarding psjailbreak or the new failoverflow/geohot hacks as I donít want to be associated with them in any way. Therefore I donít want other peoples comments on this blog to result in this site being linked to such things.
    Better late than never I suppose.

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    THCIV Guest
    yes, it will work once a rsx driver exists. do not listen to anyone saying that its impossible to rewrite xbmc for ps3 or that you even need to rewrite it, you don't. XBMC in linux (the ppc build) will work once we can fully use the rsx. don't belive me look at what madshaun1984 did before we lost otheros and before we have a rsx driver. he got xbmc to boot but because of no rsx it wouldn't play much just mp3 I think.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    There is no recent ppc build of xbmc and I can't track down any of the older builds. porting it wouldn't be that big of a job but at the minute it wont run so it hasn't been done.

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    THCIV Guest
    you know barry your always wrong. no recent port? maybe I haven't checked but madshaun did run it on ps3 on linux at least a year ago and now we're gonna cry over it not being the latest release? really?

    Madshaun had xbmc running in other os at least a year ago and with rsx access it will run like any other normal ppc linux computer with a graphics card.

    Yes I did hate about restoring otheros but that was because at the time I didn't have faith that a rsx solution (driver) would be found and even now I only give it a 30% chance but its 29% higher of a chance than I would have given it 6 months ago.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    a year ago isn't recent, show me a link. i remember madshaun running it but I can't find a link to it and it isn't in any repo. I did say in my post that I can't find it not that it doesn't exist.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I added a link in his post now... please keep this thread on topic though guys, no flaming, etc.

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    BackHome Guest
    Certainly! It is a big inspiration for the next generation of Linux hackers!

    Good proof that hex & asm still rule

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    THCIV Guest
    On topic: What is the closest gpu to the rsx? I think I read that it was the 7800, If its just the 7800 then arn't we between a rock and a hard place for a driver still, no different than otheros? nvidia doesn't have a 7800 driver for ppc and from what I read reversing a gpu driver is impossible.

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