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Thread: PS3 Linux is Back on Firmware 3.41 by Graf Chokolo

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    Sostanco Guest
    finally i can start linux on my slim ps3!

    Keep up the good work!

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    N3XuS Guest
    You guys think too small.... what we need is kinect + xbmc running on PS3 linux = Ultimate Media Centre.

    PS. Love this guy's attitude towards hacking... a rare trait indeed.

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    Luisp1nt0 Guest
    Sorry N3XuS but i don't really agree with you at least for now...i think its more important to write the linux drivers needed for running Linux with the full access to the PS3 Hardware. The RSX driver is still a big problem and also the driver to access the HD.
    After you have Linux running with full compatibility then you will be able to have your ultimate media center.

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    N3XuS Guest
    LoL I think that's pretty much apparent... But it shouldn't stop us from dreaming up endless possibilities, others are getting excited by finally having the chance of running XBMC, (although this is awesome enough in itself), but imagine the fun we'll have when the open source kinect drivers get ported over to linux.


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    BentleyGT Guest
    Good job playa! Would love to replace ps3 media server for mkvs.

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    mick711 Guest
    Just wait for 3.55 i can update my 3.15 with Yellow dog.

    And why not Amiga OS 4.1, multiboot CFW OtherOS OFW

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    Ecniv Guest
    Why stop there?? I would love to be able to mount my disk on my NAS and stop soiling my PS3`s HD with files I already have elsewhere!!!

    Keep up the good work!!

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    aamir007 Guest
    A hell lot of smiley face Deserved smiley face Great work again Graf Chokolo.

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    I've been holding onto my Old Xbox1 for YEARS because of its awesome Media Center... it seems like the Xbox1 is really the ultimate media center... of course, I do have a 160GB hard drive in it instead of the original 8GB... it plays everything I throw at it music/movie wise with the exception of MKV (which it at least PLAYS, but the audio/video is way out of sync)... so if that is ported to the PS3 but with MKV playback, then I will finally have a good enough reason to sell my Xbox1.

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    steloukos Guest
    Can someone please explain to me what will linux do to the ps3? How can it improve ps3's features.. etc. Also, could i be able to change the graphics card, memory, cpu.. put something "stonger" and install drivers for linux??

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