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    PS3 LED Changer v2.0 Arrives, Change PlayStation 3 LED Colors

    Following up on his previous releases, today PS3 developer deroad has updated his PS3 LED Changer homebrew application to version 2.0 which allows users to temporarily change their PlayStation 3 system LED colors.

    Download: PS3 LED Changer v2.0 Application / GIT

    To quote: This is a completely new version of Led Changer.

    The app allows you to change the colour of your system's LEDs (the power light) and keep it also on the XMB or while playing games/homebrews.

    This is NOT permanent; the first time that you turn off your PS3, the led will go back to normal. This version does NOT need any kind of external drive. all you need is a JoyPad; just it. Now the app is Lighter (from ~1.2 Mb to ~145Kb), Faster, for all TVs (HD/SD) and Easier to use.

    Before installing, you can delete the previous version (if you want to get more space).

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Does this do the color yellow? Because if it does it would make a great prank acting like your friend got the YLOD or acting like you have the YLOD.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Aye. Awesome for jokes, a yellow led, if you're a guest of someone and he goes to the toilet. HDMI cable disconnected, and look his eyes hahahaah Please implement it , if not available!!!!

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    abzii Guest
    why do i need a joypad? would it work without it?

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Because you choose which led to use, so an interface is needed. Don't you agree?

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    NTA Guest
    Mindames lol

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    Cool if it could do both LEDs at the same time.

    Quote Originally Posted by abzii View Post
    why do i need a joypad? would it work without it?
    How would you navigate the the app without one, you're weird.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Ye like a christmas tree. Red then green the red. cool

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    abzii Guest
    its a noobie question... still in the learning process of stuff

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